Manjaro Desktop

I heard that Manjaro Gnome is consuming less resources after the recent updates.
But how long will it be like that?
And which one will be solid, stable and fast Desktop for Manjaro?
Your suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:
And what should I do for gnome to not to have any lag?

This is without doubt highly opinionated and it all depends - among other things - on your needs and your expectation. I originally started with Gnome.

My personal opinion is pure window manager but selection so does require an explicit desire to learn.

My choice has for a long time been Openbox. A member on the forum got me interested in compiz which I have been using for the past months.

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How is openbox on resource usage?

That depends entirely on usage and configuration - services running - all those factors.

But if you want to know how low can you go - I have configured functional systems as low as 105-115M - it all depends …

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Gnome is not light, but with recent updates it does not lag. At least with gnome 40.

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