Manjaro Default Store Aur | Flatpak | Snap

I unfortunately had to setup up Manjaro from scratch again. Last time I used the store I could switch between a snap/flatpak/aur version of the apps shown to install.

In my preferences section I only have General | Advanced | Official Repositories | AUR | Cache tabs. I don’t seem to be able to enable the normal Snap & Flatpak tabs that I normally had.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I would much prefer to just have the one store like I used to rather than multiple stores.

flatpak --version
Flatpak 1.9.2

snap --version
snap 2.48.2-1
snapd 2.48.2-1
series 16
manjaro -
kernel 5.9.16-1-MANJARO

pamac --version
Pamac 10.0.3-4

We dont have an ‘app store’
We do have package managers though … you might mean pamac.

I dont know if I consider flatpak and snap ‘normal’ … but eh, maybe you should see these packages?

extra/pamac-flatpak-plugin 10.0.3-4
    Flatpak plugin for Pamac
extra/pamac-snap-plugin 10.0.3-4
    Snap plugin for Pamac

Yeah sorry I meant the org.manjaro.pamac.manager GUI version as apposed to the cli pamac

The gui used to have, before I had to re-install from scratch, a section that you could toggle between different versions of the same package from AUR, Flatpak etc
I had throught those options where normally part of the gui if the system had Flatpak repos availiable etc. ?

those options are there if the plugins to handle them are installed

Thank you very much. I had forgotten installing the plugins last time

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