Manjaro default groups permissions

When creating a new user using the gui (Manjaro settings manager), the user becomes a member of these groups:
audio lp optical video sys network scanner power ${username}

What kind of permissions does these groups provide?
My guessing:
power - I’d guess the users in this group is allowed to run shutdown. But that doesn’t make sense when anyone can do shutdown from the login screen without logging in.

scanner - does it allow user to connect a usb scanner or a network scanner? Or is it just access to a folder where a scanner would save documents by default?

network - allowed to change network settings, I guess. Is it required to connect to a wifi or vpn? Is it required to setup a new vpn? Is it required to enter password for a new wifi? Is it required for connecting to cable networks? Is it required to create static routes or modify iptables?

sys - sounds like administrator access. That can’t be true. I will not believe any linux distro will ship with default settings that new users are given admin access.

video - allowed to start videoplayer software? Or allowed to access to a folder where videos are supposed to be stored? Required for using youtube?

optical - i guess allowed to mount cd/dvd. (In what year did they drop the group “floppy” (the group exists, just that it’s not assigned to new users)?. When will the groups “usbstick” show up? It’s about time, as lots of pc’s now come without an usb-a port.

lp - access to play vinyl records? Sounds just as modern as the floppy group. Besides, vinyl is still being used. Maybe someone even have made a record player with an usb-c interface?

audio - access to turn down the volume of the usb-c lp player?

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