Manjaro Deepin Touchpad Multitouch Gestures



I believe this is a Deepin edition question but perhaps it applies across all Manjaro distros?

The latest Deepin release mentions new multitouch support. Couldn’t find too much info about the specifics. Have a Huawei Matebook X Pro. New to touchpads if it isn’t obvious :smiley:

Since I couldn’t find information via Google or searching here, I thought I’d post what I’ve found out of the box through experimenting:

  • 1 Finger Touch - Move Mouse
  • Single Tap - Left Click
  • Hard Click on Left Side - Left Click
  • Hard Click on Right Side - Right Click
  • 2 Finger Touch Vertical - Scroll (Mousewheel)
  • 3 Finger Touch Vertical - Maximize/Minimize Toggle
  • 4 Finger Touch Horizontal - Page Workspaces

I’m looking specifically for middle click action, but would like to know the full range of gestures available (and/or how to expand them)


The recently added support of multitouch is talking about devices with a touchscreen display. It’s not talking about multitouch gestures for trackpads.


you can look in settings, (i dont use deepin) middle click is usually 3-finger tap. you can also look into libinput-gestures, gesture-manager, and a few others on AUR


Wanted to report back on some research and success enabling middle click action.

deepin doesn’t use libinput-gestures nor gesture-manager, although this is probably the correct answer on vanilla arch.

Deepin uses a built in touchpad solution controlled by dde-daemon. All touchpad gestures are controlled by the file /usr/share/dde-daemon/gesture.json. To enable middle click via 3-finger tap, add the following entry in the json array:

        "Name": "tap",
        "Direction": "none",
        "Fingers": 3,
        "Action": {
            "Type": "commandline",
            "Action": "xdotool click 2"

Ensure xdotool is installed, which passes command line actions to the X server. Logging out and in didn’t seem to enable it for me, but rebooting did.

Including the entire /usr/share/dde-daemon/gesture.json file for reference. As a bonus, this also lists all available multitouch gestures and what they do.

Link to Gist: /usr/share/dde-daemon/gesture.json