Manjaro Deepin login screen cant put password


yesterday i installed manjaro deepin and this is my first post here! :slight_smile:
everithing was ok until today when i restart my pc. my problem is that i cant login. in the login screen there is a button "login" with an arrow but nothing happens when i press it. i cant see any empty field where i can put my password.

maybe i am doing something wrong.
ps. i disable the "auto login" option form the setting befor restart my pc.

please let me know if i can do something in order to login in to my desktop

Thank you!

Does your user name appear anywhere? If it does, then select it ( i.e. click it. )
Your password box should pop-up.

no, it doesn't appears.
also if i click many times the arrow i get message "please try again after 3 minutes". afte tree minutes the field with the password appears, i can select it but i cant type on it.

is there any way to enable auto login from the terminal and disable the password at login?

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