manjaro deepin login error

I'm working on deepin manjaro OS from like 2 years, keeping it always updated on the stable version, I kept the application got throught AUR updated too. yesterday I've shutdown the pc and today when I start the PC I got this problem: login page -> type correct password -> loading desktop (I see my icons), after 2 secs it goes in black screen with "failed to start postresql ...." at the first line (the only one) and it backs to the login screen.
That's my PC

Thanks for help


I second this. Had the exact same problem. If I do access the ctrl-alt-F3 terminal I can login. Tried to revert the update to previews days but with no success. I need to work so please help.

Link to video

Ok, after scavenging some other topics (1st, 2nd) I concluded that this is the correct solution:

sudo pacman -R manjaro-deepin-settings
sudo pacman -Syyu deepin-desktop-schemas

Tested it myself with success.

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