Manjaro Deepin ISO (20230407)

Manjaro Deepin was a community edition of Manjaro Linux that provided an out-of-the-box Deepin Desktop experience powered by all the goodies that the Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux distributions have to offer. But it has been discontinued. So I made an iso image of manjaro deepin with the latest packages.

File name: manjaro-deepin-22.1.0-230407-linux61.iso
Size: 3.6GB

Download Link:Link
(Extract code: SLlE)

Alternate Link: Link

Google Drive: Link

Alternate Link:Link


Hi @wiwyil2tr, and welcome!

I think you mean discontinued.

If English is not native to you, that cool man, it’s all cool.

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yes, discontinued


Google Drive:

Github: GitHub - wiwyil2tr/manjarodeepiniso: latest Manjaro Deepin iso

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Hero xd thx

all download dont work for me

Its really cool when people contribute. I have not tested deepin yet, but looks interesting.

Here is another link
does it work?

no luck maybe upload it here

link one ask for a code No idear
google dont work also for me

Turn out that firefox was the problem Since When
anyway i use chromion and it works

the code for link 1 is SLlE

Test Video

will this deepin be updated

It will be updated every month.

next iso image will be released on 7 May

Is it based on the stable branch? If not is it testing or unstable?

it is based on Stable branch