Manjaro deepin few problems after 18.01.2019 update

  1. I had Firefox pinned to taskbar - after update it was removed
  2. Programs changed & mixed up categories a lot
  3. Any program first launch become +1 sec on older machine with hard drive 5400rpm it’s pretty noticeable)
  4. Boot time seems to be at least +8 seconds longer on same hard drive machine

SSD | HDD optimisations for performance and longevity

Huh, none of these are happening with me at all. In fact, I’ve only noticed the opposite:

  • Firefox and other programs are right where I left them
  • Entire UI seems a bit snappier. Hot corners feel a tad faster and window animations are smoother.
  • The file manager used to crash when I tried to go to my bookmarked Dropbox folder, that doesn’t happen anymore…
  • Even though I tell the preferences to NOT suspend the laptop on lid closure, it still does anyway :frowning:. Where do I report that bug? Manjaro, Deepin themselves, or both?

Is the .iso updated with the changes? If so, try booting from that on a USB and see if the experience is the same. Did you update your kernel as well?

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Hm, that’s weird…

In my case same as mentioned proglems goes to testing VM as well (at least 1-2. since it’s hard to tell about 3-4 on SSD).

I used deepin-15.8-amd64.iso distro downloaded late december, seems like iso haven’t been updated since then.
After update screenfetch reports Deepin DE 15.9, Manjaro stays same 18.0.2 Illyria.

Kernel of same version was updated with packages Linux419 & Linux419-headers , but not major (shouldn’t really be that different i suppose)
Before: 4.19.13-1 LTS recommended
After: 4.19.14-1 LTS recommended

Considering disappeared icon i’m not sure why i have same effect on both machines, and you don’t…
My settings for taskbar was:
Effective mode / Bottom / Show always
I’ve removed & added few icons (via programs menu rmb click - Pin to dock)

Maybe you’ve done it some other way? (for example added icons to taskbar via drag & drop)

  • I’ve noticed in some of Deepin’s DE packages there was mentioned bugs of same nature for taskbar / Programs been fixed…So maybe now it in the state as it ‘should have been’…

P.S. I confirm lid close bug, just tested it on laptop, even after reboot this setting do nothing.

And i got same question, about bug reports, since i really want to help in development & polishing of Deepin. This forum is really cool, but i’m not really sure that bugs like that will be reported / investigated:



By now i’ve found only one really positive aspect of update for my test machine, which might actually be related to Kernel update before my Laptop Intel video card on video-linux driver had this strange form of diagonal tearing in Firefox, now it’s gone! :slightly_smiling_face:



Same here with Chromium and Firefox.

None of these seem to have affected my Deepin installation. Actually, boot time has decreased from 6.6s to 6s. First launch is ok too. I have Deppin installed on a Toshiba Q300 120GB SSD.



Oh…Ok, so taskbar icons removal seems to be a bug and i’m not alone here :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Programs changed & mixed up categories a lot

Btw, just to make clear by that i meant that for exampe:
before hexchat was in Chat and after update in Internet

Probably they optimized something for SSD, and reduced HDD performance a bit…
I mean i don’t really see difference in SSD performance…



@keybreak For the suspend on laptop lid closure, have you tried editing the setting directly using the dconf editor? It can be found at /com/deepin/dde/power/lid-closed-sleep and you can change the setting there. In my two years of using Deepin, I have found that sometimes you have to dig into the settings in dconf editor to make them stick. To test any settings changes I have made, I always reboot before I test them. This makes sure that the changes are loaded correctly.

Now, for the program icons disappearing from the dock. It has also been my experience, especially with Firefox and Chrome/ Chromium, that the icon will disappear if the program itself has been updated. Example, if Firefox is updated to a new version, the icon may disappear from the dock.

For bug reporting, I post about them both here on the Manjaro forums and the Deepin forums as well. Even though you are on Manjaro, the developers of the Deepin Desktop Environment are also interested in problems that occur with their DE in other places. I make sure to include the results of the inxi -Fxxz terminal command so they know the hardware I am using. Also, posting the results of this command is considered a “very good thing” when asking for help with an issue on the forums. I also make sure to post the exact steps I did to have the issue appear.

I use the Deepin distribution itself on my wife’s computer and the Manjaro Community Edition on my laptop. If I find a bug on one, I check to see if it is on the other.

I hope this information helps.



Thx for dconf notes, good to know!

Unfortunately for me it still sleeps on close…Should be fixed :slight_smile:

Now that should definately be fixed, shouldn’t be too hard to relink Program shortcut in case taskbar icon is present. Is it pacman’s fault?

By Deepin forum you mean this thread?



Yes Link is the forums.



Well, some more experiences after a few days:

  • The file manager crashing with Dropbox bug is back :frowning:
  • Despite all of @linesma’s great suggestions, including checking dconf, the bug of Deepin going to sleep with lid closure despite being set otherwise is still there…
  • Does anyone know if it’s possible to make hotcorners a bit snappier? I still feel the “push effort” and lag of hot corners is a bit higher than I’d like. KDE and the Budgie applet allow for setting how high you want the corner effort to be, and that is definitely missing in Deepin…
  • While the animations for things like hotcorners and the launcher is indeed better, more work on this could definitely be done.

I tried to register on the Deepin forums to report some of this, but it says you have to wait 120 hours after registering before posting… Wow!



btw i confirm that Sleep with lid option bug is only Manjaro Deepin, Linux Deepin doesn’t have this.



I’ve pushed some Deepin packages to our testing branch …

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Which of the above issues they are targeted for? :slightly_smiling_face:



Still not fixed after all recent updates:
3. Any program first launch become +1 sec on older machine with hard drive 5400rpm it’s pretty noticeable)
4. Boot time seems to be at least +8 seconds longer on same hard drive machine
5. Suspend the laptop on lid closure still doesn’t work

All of this issues are Manjaro Deepin only, Deepin doesn’t have those.


  1. Programs changed & mixed up categories a lot

About this, i’ve found an reproduceable example:

  1. Install TeamViewer 14 from aur
  2. Now Navigator Avahi VNC servers will move to Internet category from System.


Still not fixed after 10.02.2019 update :worried:
3. Any program first launch become +1 sec on older machine with hard drive 5400rpm it’s pretty noticeable)
4. Boot time seems to be at least +8 seconds longer on same hard drive machine

Now feels like even more time to launch program (deepin-explorer for example).
Both of this compared to unupdated manjaro-deepin-18.0.2-stable-x86_64.iso

5. Suspend the laptop on lid closure still doesn’t work
Now there’s no such option, good job! :grinning:



3. Any program first launch become +1 sec on older machine with hard drive 5400rpm it’s pretty noticeable)

Partitially solved with 23.02.2019 Manjaro Deepin update
There was a bug with recent files, tied specifically to launch time of deepin-file-manager - it is solved.
For the launch time of other programs, it’s work in progress.

5. Suspend the laptop on lid closure

fixed with 23.02.2019 Manjaro Deepin update
@iiari hope you’ll like it! :slight_smile:



Can’t wait to try! Thank you for your efforts. They are enormously appreciated.



It works, thanks!!!

Where should I report the following, Manjaro or upstream (or both):

[BUG] Deepin file manager crashes if I bookmark my Dropbox folder and click on that bookmark

[FEATURE REQUEST] The ability to turn off the pointer “pressure” needed to activate a hot corner




Yep, works like charm now! :slight_smile:

On that you can create Feature Request here in upstream, since it’s Deepin’s area of work :slight_smile:

This i’m not sure really, don’t use Dropbox myself, could probably be Manjaro / Dropbox issue, maybe @oberon will have an idea?