Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

That worked for me on Arch.

The golang packages are mostly source only and used only for building the daemon components (deepin-daemon, deepin-api, etc), they should not be needed on runtime. Please only consider the group deepin and deepin-extra.

Note that deepin-compressor provides the missing compress/extract functionalities in deepin-file-manager and is now marked as an optional dependency of the latter.

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Thanks Felix. That explains why it was so little data. It's nothing suspicious then but the Arch URL gives everyone full peace of mind.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to various posts and issues on this thread.

Really appreciate the explanation about the golang packages.

With regard to deepin-compressor, I don't use deepin file manager at all.

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I'm using this Manjaro Linux since 11/May/2019.

I'm noticing a log of bugs and ended in this topic with a lot of information and others users sharing they problem.

I don't know how to install the kwin, tryed to install the deepin-kwin and rebooted but I still get a logout after see my desktop. I need to remove deepin-wm.

This have anything to do with the lightdm?

There's a post or something that explain better the change from the deepin-wm to deepin-kwin and what I need to remove/add to get my distro on track of updates?


I managed to login after I downgraded the startdde after read that here by another user, but I still don't understand the kwin thing.

This is what you need to do for the problem where you can't login:

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I did that and worked with all packages updated. Also I run a screenfetch and the result tells me that the WM is KWin.

The deepin-kwin thing:
kwin & deepin-kwin are not the same. You need deepin-kwin for deepin.

If you install deepin-kwin it will use deepin-kwin (default)
If you don't install deepin-kwin your using deepin-wm (default)
If you remove deepin-kwin your back on deepin-wm

No need to uninstall deepin-wm. deepin-wm manager will eventually be fazed out.

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Until we will pick up the support of Deepin in Manjaro, I've removed our modified packages. Expect more Deepin updates to our testing branch soon.


Thank you for explain it.

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Thanks for these instructions, since the last update yesterday my system was looping with a login screen as well. This was the solution.


have this light
failed to start light display manager at stortup any i idear how too fix or where too get a beta download

Yeah, today after the new (Arch-Update) Resolution Settings is working again. I installed a pure arch VM for testing purpose. And I'm going to create a Manjaro-Deepin VM as well, to do updates there first, before applying them to my main system.

I think after deepin V20 beta is over it might become more stable, there are plenty of updates nearly every day. The deepin top bar is interesting ... the printer manager might become a great newcomer ... I'm very excited about the V20. In my opionion the best desktop across all distributions and operating systems as well that can change the pc world fundamentally.

This might be going a bit too far.....

That being said, glad you found a DE you like. One of the great things about Linux, is that there are so many choices. Even the UI can be replaced.


Deepin was and still is the only DE that provided UI and UX that i was able to switch from windows not only without pain but started missing some features when i have to work on windwos @ my company.

Deepin is also the first reason for me to have an option to really suggest linux for "standard users".

Because of the current problems with the deepin v20 beta, i tried lots of other modern desktops again - but no one of them maked me happy.

And now China moving towards linux, investing lots of money and power into this project, might give the whole deepin story a nice backing. I hope the Desktop will stay open source and China is not becoming crazy at this ...

For me, Deepin has the potential to be the changer in linux desktop that other desktop environments did never archive. It's not only the desktop, don't underestimate all their tool additions. They make the desktop complete and finished.


light failed to start light display manager i have now idear how too fix it or how too get out it

Restore your backup. :hugs:

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xd gezz gezz will be doing that from now on

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Without pain? I can't even switch to Deepin from KDE without pain. From Windows, I just don't buy it.

And if it goes closed source (which I'll bet dollars to donuts happens in the near future), it's gone from a nearly defunct DE to a dead one to me and many Linux users. If I'm going to use something with a ton of telemetry, I'll just use Windows. At least I know everything works.


Actually, the desktop is the only part of Deepin DE that I like. I don't like the accessories that come with it.

For instance, the file manager is the ONLY one ever to seek to mount /dev/sda whenever I open it and have the password dialogue window pop up, even though my Archdeepin partition is installed on /dev/sdb and my fstab does not even mention any sda partitions. It's annoying so I just ignore it and installed Thunar and pcmanfm.

Also don't like their terminal (no option to "select all" output in terminal) and music manager, among other things.

Essentially I just use the desktop itself and ignore the rest.

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