Manjaro deepin - disable display [solved with arandr]



I use 2 monitors with my laptop. I figured out how to use display config to set their position and resolution, but is there a way to disable monitor too? For example, I would like to disable laptop display, and use only 2 external ones.

I am talking about this utility:


To my knowledge, we cannot disable it via the deepin-control-center. I use Arandr to disable it.


I was looking for a solution for the same problem and I came across this post. I just found out how to do it without using Arandr.
There’s an option in the control center to do it. Hope it helps:


I was about to make new topic of this, but there´s allready solution. Thanks.


My case is “special” :slight_smile: I use two external monitors. So imagine three available displays, and you want only two being used. In case of single external monitor your solution is ok. But in special cases like mine, there is no way other than tools like arandr.


There´s always solution. I´m just happy I got my monitors working right. And got Nautilus run instead Deepin file manager and got Gnome calendar running from the dock clock straight instead Deepin own useless calendar (no adding events and web cal syncing). So my Deepin desktop is kind of perfect now. :kissing_heart: @oberon