Manjaro deepin brightness issue

Hai.. I accidentally used keyboard function key to reduce brightness to zero while using Manjaro deepin de. Unfortunately after recent update the brightness increase key isn't working. Now when ever I boot , after login , brightness drops to zero so that I can't use laptop. Fortunately the issue is only in deepin desktop only and since I have xfce installed already I can login to xfce without any issues. How to increase / reset deepin de brightness , ideally from xfce environment itself or use some keyboard shortcuts.. ? Pls help. I am ok with following command line actions. Been using Manjaro for two years , but zero knowledge of programming and associated jargon.
Thanks in advance

the keys you use for brightness - i take it they're dual use keys, possibly Fn? I had an update a good while back that for some reason turned on Fn lock hence brightness didn't work till i toggled it back to what it was before.

Thanks for replying.. :slightly_smiling_face:
It's not fn lock I think.. even when screen is black I can adjust sound via keyboard itself.
Laptop is lenovo IdeaPad series. I changed brightness by Fn key+ up/ down arrow. Unfortunately for me only down arrow is working.
I think I need to reset , not sure

hmmm....can you try the F6 key? I'm writing on a thinkpad and i'm thinking maybe the shortcut got remapped! (or indeed any other function key)

Will try.. thanks

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