[Manjaro Deepin] Blur on windows turns black after running steam games

If I run a game through Steam, I believe it disables desktop effects. After closing the games, the kwin blur behind Windows on the desktop turns black. If I press win + shift + tab to disable desktop effects, there is no longer an issue, but if I re-enable it then I get the same issue. The only fix is to restart lightdm.

I had this problem with a gtx 1070 with closed source driver and now still have it with this amd 570. I am using the video-linux drivers in mhwd.

EDIT: It doesn't only turn black, this time instead of black it's showing a picture of the file manager in the back? Very strange

Normally it looks like this for windows:

Your choice to mix the amd 570 with a gtx 1070 on the same system is strange to me, and besides that you preferred Deepin that has the greatest number of reports of breaking.
Is clear that the nvidia GPU is using the nouveau drivers at this point, and that means is... not optimal at all, and all this making the system to be underperformant.

I replaced the 1070 for a 570, the 1070 is being used for gpu passthrough to a windows VM. Noveau should not be activated.

right, in that case all is due to the amd 570 GPU
Have a look here

and maybe this is helpful

I had the same issue with the 1070 though when I used it as my primary. I do not believe it is related to the gpu driver because of that, but I will take a look at those threads.

as i mentioned

You'll find the solution for it , i'm sure :wink:

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I'm pretty sure it's deepin-kwin, which is super-buggy especially on Arch / Manjaro (compared to Linux Deepin itself).

Try to revert back to deepin-wm (mutter) and see if it works

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I had deepin-wm and deepin-kwin already installed, went ahead and uninstalled deepin-kwin and I noticed immediately a lot of the animations are different. The problem is also gone now, thanks for the suggestion, it worked.

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As expected :slight_smile:

Hopefully one day it's all get fixed for deepin-kwin...
But i wouldn't count on it.

They seriously lack devs able to make / fix stuff for Arch, all Deepin packages for us Arch / Manjarians maintained by single guy...Which is insane :laughing:

And the winner is @keybreak

Corrected it.



I have since found the actual solution for this, this is a bug with nvidia and kwin
Disable opengl 3 compositing and use opengl 2, this will fix the issue. (GLcore=false) You can also stop applications from disabling the compositor. (WindowsBlockCompositing=false)

Open ~/.config/kwinrc


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