Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.1



The Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.1 install ISO is now ready for download

Current latest version of the Deepin Desktop is 15.5.
Tiny new native application added deepin-calculator

Please test and enjoy! :slight_smile:


waiting for torrents :wink:

I did not use Deeping since 3-4 months so I’m curious what new


the actual version is 15.5 (official)?

will it update automatically with pamac?


Sorry, typo! It should be 15.5 !! :wink:
And yes, of course everything will be automatically updated on existing installations :slight_smile:


thank you :innocent:

and thank you for the update!


You only need to install the deepin-calculator manualy after update.


True :laughing:


Wish granted!

Torrent is now online here and here.


Thanks as always, @Strit ! :slight_smile:


Hi, I have some problem during installation. I cannot create new partition or formatting partition. Here’s the screenshot

It seems Deepin automount my other partition even after I unmount it. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.


somebody tell me where i find new deepin feature “auto color and temperature adjustment” ?

yes i was have the same problem. i go into gparted and under gparted i format/create my partition, after that then i apply changes i unmount all partition in gparted and in manjaro installer when you edit your partition (this menu where you select flags boot,esp) you must select “no changes/keep files” becouse when you select “format” deepin will again automount partition

Manjaro deepin 17.1.1 installer partition automount

It’s worked. Thank you


I will try to disable the automount function by default for the next release.
The manual setting for that is available in the filemanager:



Downloaded the ISO and had a play in ‘live’ mode today. I really liked Deepin desktop… it felt like it was easy to set up and then the desktop just ‘got out of your way’ when you wanted to do something. The only thing I couldn’t really get working was the CUPS printing, but I often find that a bit difficult… and being a real newbie doesn’t help with that either lol… And I wasn’t totally sure if the Adwaita Dark theme went completely through all applications. Seriously enjoyable desktop to play with though… I will definitely want to give it a test run.


I haven’t heard of that, yet. Do you have more information? Maybe this is about a package like redshift?


Unfortunately not all native Deepin applications follow gtk-theming. We have been complaining about this misbehaviour upstream for a while, but seems it’s the way Deepin devs want it to be :wink:


Good to know I wasn’t just imagining things lol.


Maybe he / she means this


under deepin 15.5 based on debian in control center is new option for auto color adjustment i dont see this option in arch but this two control center have the same version so its maybe deepin bug?. even official site was write about this new feature thx tamhar for link


@joksik @tamhar
Simply install package redshift and the entry will be added automatically after relog in control-center>Display:


Deepin auto color