Manjaro-Deepin 17.0.6 (Deepin 15.5)



I am happy to present Manjaro-Deepin 17.0.6 featuring Deepin Desktop 15.5 - shortly before Linuxdeepin’s official release :wink:

Download available from here.

How can I install Deepin alongside GNOME?

Thanks @oberon. I think the download link is broken.


Thank you, sorry. It was missing :wink: Fixed.


@oberon , thank you! I have a serious “distro hopping” problem. I can/do install 2-3 distributions on a given weekend. I haven’t seen anything lately that compares to Manjaro-Deepin.

  • Easy to install? Yes.
  • Stable? Yes.
  • Compatible with every piece of hardware in your system? Yes.
  • Rolling-release? Yes.
  • Great community support? Yes.
  • The most beautiful, intuitive, little-known desktop environment currently availabe? Yes.


What about “easy to install an HP color network printer” ???

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Torrent is now up!


Setting UK keyboard layout didn’t seem to have any effect - the desktop loads with US layout.

Also, this needs a @muser wallpaper. :slight_smile:


Same with the Swiss (German) keyboard layout on the live environment.


Yes I know, it has always been like that. Deepin desktop needs the keyboard settings to be made in it’s own control-center. Other settings are not respected … :upside_down_face:


Thanks @oberon and manjaro Team… my daughter(11) is a great fan of Manjaro Deepin and in he r opinion, looks awesomer after each new release…hahah she shows off with her HP laptop at school showing this cool interface.


Thanks for the plug :grin:
I updated the latest theme a little for Deepin, @oberon let me know what you think (whether you would like something diferent or different colours, etc)


Where do I find the Torrent download?


You can also find this link if you just go to the community editions download page of the Manjaro site and follow the torrent download link


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello community,

Is it normal that i can't find Manjaro tools out the box, like the one to install the proprietary drivers or the kernels one?

Thank you for your efforts, Oberon. The release feels great!

Never mind. I found them. :smiley:


How is it perfomance on RAM and CPU still hogging?


Hi, @oberon,
I hope you are doing well. My sound control on the dock is not working since the last update. Can you please confirm if it is only happening to me or is it caused by the last update.
Thank you in advance.

With Regards,


These things happened not only to you


Ok. Will look at it later tonight! … stay tuned :wink: