Manjaro-Deepin 17.0.2

After waiting a little longer for Linuxdeepin development to settle down with the latest Deepin Desktop 15.4.1 I am happy to be able to present a new stable release of Manjaro Deepin:

Deepin developers have tweaked their environment quite a lot lately. You will find many new features and effects and also a lot of development went into their native applications.
From Manjaro side we have included latest installer calamares aswell as our new universal CLI-net-installer manjaro-architect and added a few new wallpaper contributions from our community.
Deepin stack native applications are included aswell as a variety of software to cover the everyday need.

Have fun testing! :slight_smile:


Ooooh, Ahhhhh looks nice!

Is this in addition to the changes that came through earlier that also included Deepin updates (The 07/16/17 Stable Updates?)

32-bit is being uploaded, right?

I pushed a bunch of new packages to stable after the official update! So please check :slight_smile:

I’m still undecided if I am still going to provide 32bit.
It doesn’t make much sense to run Deepin on old hardware - also since i686 will soon be discontinued - does it really make sense?
I can build it of course. What do you think?

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If I were to run Deepin on my netbook I would switch the wm to metacity, disable all startup applications and have a system with about 300MB RAM at startup.

But we don’t need 32bit ISOs anymore, IMO. Let’s see first what comes out of archlinux32.

I don’t mind either way. I just need to know which is being done, so I can do torrents. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I stopped making 32-bit versions of my spin a few releases back.

PS: Torrent for x86_64 is now up. :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you, @Strit!

why all iso that version is 17.0.2 like kde mate …etc
make error on grub
rescue mode>
i want to download it but i’m sacred that can’t be work

i burn this iso files using refus on windows
on gpt mode !!!:confused:

OK, I updated and rebooted twice (once it just hung at the Plymouth screen, the 2nd time was successful). DDE dock is not working. I have to use the Win Super Key to get to the dash. I tried 'dde-dock" at terminal and received the message “set single instance failed!”. Control Center hotspot on my screen is OK and is functional. The Deepin applications run OK, it’s just my dock.

I have 2 desktop icons, one for a LO spreadsheet and the other a game via Wine, I cannot drag and drop them on my extended desktop of 2 monitors. They can’t be moved from the primary display.

EDIT - Sorry to keep adding on here, but I did a cold boot, now my dock has appeared and is running normally. I plugged in my USB External Drive (Listed as Ubuntu_Backup) and I get no USB icon (that has been a thorn for me with Deepin for some reason). Lastly, when I created a screenshot to illustrate my dock, Deepin screenshot has a notification window that pops-up when you are finished with a button to “View” your screenshot. That does not work for me.

added Launcher mini mode, application start animation and window preview effect, optimized 2D mode of window manager

Launcher mini mode is added, back to the classic operating way. Two modes are provided for user to switch freely.

Well-designed application start animation increased the interest to run application. It’s more efficient to drag and drop file to the application on Dock for opening. Window preview effect is back to make your desktop more vivid.

Rebuilt Deepin Screenshot, really can start in 1s. Newly designed the toolbar and marquee, added the function to directly capture context menu.

Removed the 2D effect of window manager. Rebuilt and optimized unmixed mode, so as to improve the performance to that of Xfce/LXDE.

Newly added the settings to switch keyboard layout shortcuts;
Added the waiting effect for opening application window;
Move the function of Screen Project on homepage to display module

Optimized the content reloading in notification center;
Fixed the issue that no connection status displayed by network PPPOE dial;

Added the fucntion that directly open file by dragging and dropping it to the application;
Added the animation waiting function when open an aaplication;
Added tray display function when switch keyboard layout;
Optimized window preview effect;
Optimized the context menu display of shutdown to be consistent with shutdown interface;
Fixed the issue that black block occurred on desktop;

Fix the issue that it’s not smooth to close the window;
Optimized the operation to switch between many windows by Alt + Tab;
Fixed the issue that blurred screen occurred in small window when add a new workspace;
Removed mixed support of 2D mode and rebuilt with speed optimization;
Cancel the Super + W/S/A shortcut operation in 2D mode;

Added the context menu or mouse wheel to set icon size on desktop;
Optimized the close function in hot corner;
Optimized hot corner to quickly trigger Control Center;
Optimized the fuzzy problem of desktop environment;

Fixed the issue that noise occured when play high fidelity music by bluetooth;
Optimized touchpad gestures;
Optimized the display of “Save as” dialog box and file type drop-down box in file manager;
Added a prompt for that Windows can not start after installed deepin;
Added a prompt for selecting mode after installed system in a virtual machine;
Added the function to eject disk in file management;
Fixed the search display issue occured by clicking the search button to consistent with Ctrl + F;

Fixed the issue that English occurred after installed Thunderbird;
Fixed the issue that black screen occurred when open Android application;

You can experience the unlimited charming brought by deepin in just a cup of tea time.:sunglasses:

thanks oberon


Is it weird to love deepin while all this major distros around? I used pure deepin like couple of months ago. Buggy and inconsistency all around. How come this has become so stable this soon?
Some credit may go to arch as the base rather than debian unstable. I was hoping budgie to be my primary distro when plasma 6 lands but majnaro deepin has won me over.
I do believe it is worthy enough of having a maintainers attention. Cheers :beers:


Chinese people at work. :wink:


But, still lots of work for them. Bugs are still visible not major though and settings menu is not very great. At the end, finger crossed :crossed_fingers:

The last time I tried Deepin DE (last year, I think) it was far from good, but now things are really looking good, it’s beautiful and faster than Gnome on my computers.

I had some quirks like: I could not disable suspend on lid close using the control panel, I had to edit (logind.conf) following another user suggestion, problem solved.
The other one that still persists is on Deepin file manager, “computer” show only a bunch of shortcuts to my “Documents”, not really a problem since I use bookmarks.

Good job oberon!


Why is it that whenever Deepin suspends itself, it freezes at lock? It sucks having to hard restart my system everytime the system wakes from sleep. I’ve been having this problem for a while now, has anyone else?

maybe someone know how to fix in deepin empty space in tray icon?


I have also that empty space, there should be mounted drives icon in my case.


32-bit Question … :wink:
Will a final release of Manjaro-Deepin 17.0.2 - (i686.iso be possible?) for us dedicated Deepin fans …
Count me in

Life is Good on Manjaro

how can i burn manjaro deepin files on USB under Linux Mint ?

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