Manjaro-Deepin 17.0.1 (stable)

Since Linuxdeepin development has now calmed down after their official Deepin 15.4 release and (almost) all the issues have been resolved, we are finally ready to provide a stable release also of Manjaro-Deepin, downloadable from here

Features and news:

  • deepin-dock can now be moved to any side of the screen
  • improved corner-navigation
  • updated icon-themes and new additional native theme “sea
  • completely re-designed deepin-control-center
  • convenient wallpaper-chooser for individual workspaces and deepin-greeter
  • new applications deepin-screenrecorder, deepin-help and deepin-calendar; also a deepin-voice-recorder package is now available in the repos
  • new original Deepin cursor-theme and a collection of fresh Deepin plus Manjaro-Deepin wallpapers
    aswell as many new little details, effects, improvements and bugfixes.

Check it out!


Thanks!! I will install it within the next few hours :slight_smile:


Grate… how to upgrade testing version into this?

Localisation for weather doesn’t work… place can’t be searched

Well I’ve tried some minutes later and I was able to input my city, but the temperatures are not correct

It’s working fine for me and has been reliable lately. Sometimes you have to be patient a little after you launch the system…

Simply switch to stable branch. At the moment they are identical anyway. I didn’t make any changes to the settings.

Thanks for the reply

Temperatures are not accurate, difference is about 8/10 Cº (not a problem for me, but in Deepin it was working); I will explore further in the next few days - switched from Deepin 15.4 to Manjaro Deepin 17.0.1 Stable



I have reported some issues in rc3. i am not sure if that is sorted out by now as I didn’t see the change in my system.

  1. The extract option is not working in Deepin File Manager
  2. Unavailability of option in Display settings for projecting the display using a projector. As far as I know, that option was available in earlier version of Deepin. Now I am facing issues for projecting the presentations.
    It would be great if you could let me know, if there is any issues reported in similar line? Is there any work around?


I’m afraid I don’t know anything about these issues - also not about the bluetooth problem you were having, sorry.
We need to check upstream and report these issues if they are still present. On Manjaro level we can’t really do much about that kind of stuff …

is the busy cursor issue solved?

Yes and no. pamac now respects deepins current problem with a temporary workaround until deepin developers are able to spot the real issue.
Like that in any case you shouldn’t see the busy cursor any more at least with pamac.

i’ve been following the issue on github and the developer haven’t found the real cause, well the workaround works at least for the moment.

any other mirrors for download? sourceforge loads very slow on my end…thanks!

Have you tried switching SF-mirror, yet?

I will try it again when i get off from work later…thanks

Thanks for reply. Is the extract/extract here option in Deepin File Manager is working for you? Do you have options in display for projector? If yes, may be it is an issue with my installation. Then I may need to research more on this. Kindly confirm.

Just installed deepin on metal, everything went smoothly until trying to connect to the internet.
I have a wired realtek r8169 but for some reason it loaded a r8168 which I believe is a realtek wireless driver.
After a bit of head scratching and a few splinters later I noticed in /etc/modprobe.d it had blacklisted my r8169 driver instead of the r8168 after editing the blacklist.conf file everything is working fine.

Just thought i’d let you know in case anybody else has the problem and hopefully a fix

Thanks guys you have done a fantastic job, regardless, nice to see my wallpaper as the default :grinning:

Been waiting for this for a while, time to go do some more wallpapers :slight_smile:

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Torrents should now be up!


Thanks a lot as always, @Strit!

No, you are right. “extract here” is not working. My guess is that deepin-filemanager expects some plugin or other archiver that we haven’t installed - I just used xarchiver. Will try to find out if we are missing something.
Re. display settings I don’t know anything about projector settings. Afaik multihead support used to be ok in Deepin but I don’t have any personal experience with that. Anyone? Or maybe ask directly on their github. It doesn’t make much sense if I do it since I cannot try it out … :wink:

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