Manjaro Colour Palette and Design Gildeines


I am looking for it because I will plan to add Manjaro-coloured and -specified folders and icons for my icons theme.

At, it does not have colour palette and design guideline. I got only two colours used in the Manjaro icons theme.

I also have discovered Manjaro developed “index.theme.kde” at Is it safe to add it in my icons theme? I am interested.

This may fit as a feature request to the Manjaro team IMHO.
I move it there.

At some point I asked one of our designers for a guide on colours. It is somewhere on the forum - I can’t really remember where - but you don’t need to find it.

You can find it in the package manjaro-openbox-config dive into the polybar and the master.conf file.

The wallpaper which uses these colors is found in the illyria-wallpaper package.

For your convenience I list the designers answer here

;The top and bottom triangles and logo: 304048
;The yellow stripe: gradient from bottom corner a07f00 to middle f0c100 to top corner c89f00
;The maia stripe: gradient from 0f6957 to 1ed2b0 to 16a085
;The two adapta stripes: gradient from 304048 in the corners to 62808e in the middle
;The adapta light blue stripe: gradient from 006a78 to 00bcd4
;The orange stripe: gradient from c85000 to ff6905
;I cannot give you an exact value for the light background,
; because there is a noise texture on the top of another layer (plus the grid),
;  so I could also only give you an approximate value based on colour picking,
;   but due to the noise, it varies based on where your picker is placed.

From the original artwork the background of the noise texture is #99B0B8

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You can take a look at Arc-Maia and ask @Ste74 as needed.

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