Manjaro Cinnamon Suggestion


Please include in System Settings > Themes:

Window Borders: Mint-X, Mint-Y and Mint-Y-Dark.
Icons: Mint-X, Mint-X-Dark and Mint-Y.
Controls: Mint-X, Mint-X-Dark, Mint-Y, Mint-X-Darker and Mint-Y-Darker.
Moust Pointer: DMZ-White and DMZ-Black.
Desktop: Linux Mint, Mint-X, Mint-Y and Mint-Y-Dark.

What is included in Linux Mint 18.x out of the box.
I prefer the default Linux Mint look with Mint-Y-Dark Window Borders. :slight_smile:
It would be awesome if i can get default Linux Mint look + Manjaro. :slight_smile:
I did tried to find it all in Add/Remove tab in Themes but couldn’t find it there. :frowning:
Most of the “Mint”-style themes are available in AUR. Just install them yourself.


We can’t include every theme that people like. :wink:

The Mint X and Y themes are in the AUR:

(moved from #general-discussion to #manjaro-development:feature-request as this is a request for a feature, not a discussion item)

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So i installed the following packages

Now everything works except for the Controls part, it is broken for all Mint X an Y including Dark.
I also installed fluxbox-styles-mint-x package thinking that will fix the Controls part but no luck. :frowning:

From reading the AUR comments, the Mint X theme is compatible with GTK 3.18 (in Mint). Unless it’s re-written, it won’t work correctly with GTK 3.22 (in Manjaro).

Everything else is working properly, only the Controls part for Mint X and Y not working properly. Not sure if this is GTK issue as everything else is working properly. Is there a fix for this? Can i downgrade GTK to 3.18 if its indeed an issue? but i think downgrading GTK will break lot of other stuff.

As far as I know this simply doesn’t work and i don’t think it will be fixed. GTK3.18 is already a long time ago and it’s still broken.

I use the Adwaita controls with the Mint X theme, that looks pretty okay.

Yes that what i am doing too. Using Adwaita in Controls works fine but its blue, would be nice if there’s Adwaita green so it matches properly with the rest of the themes.

Oh, wait! I have another machine where I have Vertex-Maia-Light controls installed. Still blue(ish) but already much less so than Adwaita and also looking good :slight_smile: