Manjaro-cinnamon-settings and papirus icons

I tried to remove papirus icon theme but i was forced to remove manjaro-cinnamon-settings as well. I later reinstalled it without dependencies and it works correctly. I just cannot understand why the papirus icon theme is mandatory. I don’t like it, yet i’m forced to install it and keep it anyway. Can you please make it a non-mandatory dependency? Thanks.

manjaro-cinnaomon-settings contains Manjaro’s customized settings for Cinnamon. Papirus is Manjaro’s default icon theme for the Cinnamon edition. That is why it’s a dependency. You aren’t even required to keep manjaro-cinnamon-settings installed.

But when i removed it at reboot the desktop icons disappeared.

Did you choose another icon theme after removing it? Of course the icons will disappear if you remove the configured icon theme and don’t select another one.

Yeah, i tried again now with a different icon theme already set. After reboot the desktop is empty.

Update : any more suggestions? I reinstalled manjaro-cinnamon-settings without dependencies again, it works, but when an update is available papirus icons are back.