Manjaro (cinnamon) problems with printer

Hello everyone,
I’m new and i hope you will help me cause is the third day I’m trying to print.
I recently installed manjaro on my laptop, it’s working good but i cannot print, and evne if it’s not a think i often do, i would like to do it.
The printer is an Hp Laserjet 1020. Not the newest but it was working good.
I used to have Xubuntu and i was using the hplip drivers, but here it seema to not work at all.
I have read all the possible forums but nothing, someone can help?

Install the meta package “manjaro-printer”

Hi Robin, thanks for the reply.
The package is already installed even if i reinstall all, it’s still not working

You have tried the “hp device manager” in your menu?

Yes, I’ve tried that too.