Manjaro-Cinnamon, -Deepin and -i3 updated to 17.1.9



What version of the Cinnamon desktop ships with this? I know it’s a rolling release and that updates to the desktop will come anyway, but I do think it should be noted just to let us know what it’s got by default. Looking great though!


The package list for the iso is here:

package list

cinnamon 3.8.0-1.8
cinnamon-control-center 3.8.0-1
cinnamon-desktop 3.8.0-1
cinnamon-menus 3.8.0-1
cinnamon-screensaver 3.8.0-1
cinnamon-session 3.8.1-1
cinnamon-settings-daemon 3.8.0-1
cinnamon-sounds 5.5-1
cinnamon-wallpapers 20180204-2


Using 17.1.9 Cinnamon on a Dell Latitude e7240. Everything works perfectly including hibernation. Thanks)


A few days ago i’ve installed through the architect the manjaro i3, and i didn’t get any popup asking me if i want the minimal or full version, so full version was installed…
Any idea why? Can you check this?

About that, what is planned for the minimal version? Because i want the i3 with the configuration, compton and conky fully functional but without extra software like ranger, palemoon, etc… I want to install the software i use(chrome, pcmanfm, etc).

Another thing i would like a lot is to include as default theme this theme called Equilux, is perfect
I’ve tried Adapta Nokto eta, Arc dark, vertex maia, Vimix, canta dark, and a lot of other dark themes and i can totally say that EQUILUX is the best dark theme out there that don’t cause any eye strain


it’s fully mantained by the creator too.


With js52



Without js52 update



Could not update

Help? :wink:

All fine, thx @xabbu :slight_smile:


If you on testing please read the Announcements!

Specially this post about known errors.


Big thanks for this beautiful Manjaro wm! I love this WM and I love how this WM brings some kind of unique experience and “taste” that I cannot fully described it.

Installed and worked perfectly on my Lenovo Ideapad 110 AMD APU 9400. However, the sound is muted when I first tried it on liveusb and after my first installation on SSD. Adjusting default sound mixer from mod+Ctrl+b > 7 (sound) didn’t work for me.
But, after a few work around, creating file asound.conf in /etc/ contains defaults.pcm.card 1 defaults.ctl.card 1
(the number 1 may differs, you could check this via aplay -l) it worked!
Hope this helps other Manjaro fellow out there :slightly_smiling_face:


I selected Spanish but the system is still in English in Cinnamon.
What happened?
There are also several bugs (Keyboards in Configuration closes Settings, Login Windows not opens etc) (Obviously I’m talking about of Cinnamon)
At least my internet is at normal speed xD.


you need to install the cinnamon-translations package to get spanish.
I can confirm the the Login Windows Setting Bug. (you can fix this by installing lightdm-gtk-greeter)
I can also confirm the Keyboard Settings Bug (You can change keyboard in the Manjaro Settings Manager)


Both lightdm-slick-greeter and cinnamon-settings issues have been resolved already.
Please update to lightdm-slick-greeter 1.1.4-7 and cinnamon-desktop 3.8.1-1
@Werner76 @Lyriel


not here, i made extra a fresh installation and the login settings are still not working in cinnamon settings, they work when i start it from console with sudo lightdm-settings.
keyboard setting is fixed
translations cinnamon-translations will not get installed i have todo it manually, and it seems that this package is missing some stuff because even after installing the package it still has many english instead of german (Example Nemo shows Cut Copy and Paste and not the german translation) in LinuxMint all is german!
Aside of that small issues everything else is great, so thanks for this great work!


Great work on this i3-gaps editions!
I used another i3, but it didn’t make sense to me. Then I kept reading about the newer i3-gaps. Tried installing into a ubuntu system. It failed. Was going to build using arch, but noticed this edition had “gaps”. Don’t know why I like the looks of gaps, but I just do. To me it looks a little more polished than normal i3. Perhaps more there than meets the eye.

After the install, still had issues using it. I downloaded a 1 1/2 hour utube on the subject, but that confused me even more. First go around, I had so many opened terminals, my desktop looked like a picked fence. Also the browser was unusable.

Kept going back, and little by little, I got the hand of it. Also those numbers at the bottom, helped greatly. Used one of them for the browser, another for file management, and so on.

Finally got the hang of using “resize”. I can now easily move around your i3-gaps edition.

Thanks for all the hard work.


login settings are working in cinnamon settings since last update, great work, thanks


Thx for the great work, @oberon.

I really love the manjaro deepin edition.

I only have changed this ugly rocket launcher icon to the Manjaro icon, beside that its simple and beautiful. :grinning:


Nemo shows Cut Copy and Paste after last update correctly translated to german


I realise that this is not really the “right” topic for my words below, but having prepared this offline with the intention to post it in Cinnamon, spice and everything nice! Cinnamon is Great!, i now see that surprisingly that thread has auto-closed.

I’m a Plasma gal, but for the past several years [long before coming to Manjaro late last year] i’ve harboured a kinda “hate - fascination” relationship with Cinnamon. My original dealings with Cinnamon were in Mint in 2013, & it just did not float my boat at all, i really disliked it [& had always been agog that C is the Mint flagship]. However ~6 months ago i updated my Mint Cinnamon VM to 18.3, & found myself quite amazed that the leopard seemed to have changed its spots a bit, such that i began finding it hard to maintain my disdain for it.

Once i became a Manjaroo Plasmoid, over the months i noticed many voices in the forum enthusiastically declaring their love of C. Cumulatively intrigued, very recently i downloaded Manjaro Cinnamon 17.1.10 & installed it in a VM, & have been playing with it on & off. I have to say… it is really impressive… a great credit to its Devs. It looks simply lovely, & though certainly still not as granularly configurable as Plasma, nonetheless seems to allow me to still tinker & tweak quite a good deal.

I used to believe that if i didn’t use KDE then i’d be using Xfce, but based on this recent revelation i now strongly suspect that it instead would be C for me if not for K. I’m even beginning to have illicit thoughts now about dual-booting it with my current K on my secondary pc, Lappy. Ha!

[Solved] Multiple random KDE [Stable] Tower Freezes, over months

Will you also change your forumname then?


Oh my goodness, i never foresaw that… gasp! Well spotted indeed.

However, i might not go ahead with it, but even if i do, it would be only on my Lappy, not my primary pc Tower [whereon i’m posting this now]. I don’t do any of my usual day to day activities on Lappy, but instead only on Tower, which will be staying pure Plasma. Thus i can make myself believe that irrespective of possible future changes on Lappy, in all posting senses i’ll still be kdemeoz not cinnamonmeoz, or even worse kdecinnamonmeoz, teehee.


Also no Cinnabun?


Boom Tish… :slight_smile: