Manjaro Cinnamon 21.1.2 shipping Vivaldi browser

Manjaro Cinnamon 21.1.2 now includes browser Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is a fast and very customizable browser with quite a lot of neat features you will not have seen in any browser before. :wink:

Most of those are accessible from the side menu with its built-in panel, where you can display a notepad, look at wikipedia entries or the Vivaldi help pages or you can even ‘panelize’ any webpage you like.

Some features currently still in beta state I find especially intriguing: Calendar and Contacts, which can by synchronized with various accounts and even a built-in Email Client

Tabs can be placed on any side of the window and you can even stack or tile some or all of them

To be able to ship a custom Manjaro-Cinnamon theme pre-configured with the ISO I was lucky enough to find help directly from the Vivaldi development team. Like this we were also able to include some Manjaro Speed Dial links directly in our vivaldi package.



For now the custom theme settings will only be preset for new user profiles but I hope that we will be able to include these in the package, too, in the future.
I you would like to reproduce it, you can see the settings for the Cinnamon theme here:

Generally in terms of customizability one can easily say that Vivaldi is a tinkerer’s paradise :nerd_face:

Have fun with it and let us know what you think about this browser!


Download Manjaro Cinnamon 21.1.2


Good release!

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Been running vivaldi as my default on cinnamon for a few months now, really happy with it. Think it renders slightly quicker than Firefox



Thanks for making this available!

Even though its under a proprietary license, its stil source-available .

Hope you guys are building it from source and then shipping it?

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I honestly do not see how proprietary software is a problem I mean like steam is included and it is proprietary from what I read was vivaldi’s UI is proprietary the rest is just the Chromium engine


Vivaldi is a very nice browser I hate to see someone dislike it because it is proprietary! :-1:


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A german penetration-tester looked at the Browser and the conclusion is: Vivaldi is a nice Browser but did some questionable decisions regarding privacy. So if you don’t like Google, you may not want to use Vivaldi…
You can read the whole article here (if you understand german) if you want.


Not possible. Not the entire source is available, only parts of it is.


That is exactly what I think globally. I don’t speak german :frowning:

Once again, no one here (not me at least) is saying that vivaldi is better or not comparing to firefox.

Their bugtracker is also private, with no means to check the status or updates on a filed bug. Even your own bug report. You can submit bug report from 5 years ago, and still have to constantly plead with the developers through the forum on a gigantic thread to ask “Hey, what about bug #543825 that I submitted in December 14, 2016?”

Another reason why I ditched them. :-1:


What reason is there for it to be proprietary to begin with?

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They say here that it is a way of protecting their brand name from others forking their code

That would be a licensing issue. They can make their source code available but prohibit others from distributing it.


Go tell them that I am only saying what they said :wink:

does that mean Vivaldi is now the default browser ? Is Firefox not included in the default ? Just asking. :slight_smile:

I think this is just cinnamon not any of the any other DEs


Post-Snowden era is why people don’t trust proprietary software on their system. It should have been a choice again in the installer similar to Freeoffice when installing.


From searching the forums, they seem to ignore the issue entirely and play jedi mindtricks when asked straight on.

Also, them making money off your search history is not exactly comforting: What’s Vivaldi’s business model? | Vivaldi Browser

Without the source code, how exactly are we expected to be able to verify what is being collected and what isn’t?