Manjaro Cinnamon 21.1.2 shipping Vivaldi browser

That I think is just fine! :+1:

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Every browser will have its issues! Why is Vivaldi is getting so much hate, but no other browser, even Chrome, is not even mentioned.

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I guess that’s a test from Manjaro team to see people reactions.

If reaction are positives they will probably make it default for all flavors, with certainly a kind of monetization somehow (pure speculation but not impossible).

Monetization is needed, no doubt, but not at this cost, in my opinion.


Chrome is not the default. Chromium is open source. Firefox is open source.

The wonderful thing about open source is that you’re not taking anyone’s word for it. You can go and inspect the code for yourself. Simple as that.

And how can you confirm what they’re saying is true?

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well if that is the case I just keep the older version 21.1.0 and just upgrade from their . I ma a big fan of Cinnamon , and firefox . I do not want Vivaldi

I wish the Manjaro team would stop doing this again and again, if there were need of funds they can always do fund raising campaigns similar to Wikipedia.

Where is the “discernment” if its shipped by default and not in the installer to choose from similar to FreeOffice?


I agree! :grin: :+1:

Manjaro is providing an unnecessary evil by default. If a user wanted to use Vivaldi, there is nothing wrong with providing it in the repo for them. But providing potential spyware on all Manjaro installs out of the box is not a good idea.

If you are combat the spyware argument, provide the actual source code to prove it instead of blogs. It’s very easy to take the Opera route of advertising how privacy friendly you are and then make millions selling your user’s data to advertisers. Fyi, Vivaldi was started by the co-founder and CEO of Opera Software. Not exactly the best look.


I’m pretty sure the Cinnamon spin has pamac installed so all one has to do is install firefox and delete vivaldi.I’ve never used it but thats the nice thing about linux one can change to suit there on needs.

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How can you claim they are open when the very code making their product isn’t open? You’re taking them at their word. What proof do you have that they aren’t just good at PR?


With any user being able to customize their GNU/Linux install… layout, look/feel, apps, etc… I’m less concerned about what’s installed by default knowing that I get to choose what I use, change, install, and uninstall. If I want all “Free as in speech” applications, I can choose that… and/or make exceptions as I see fit along the way.

There’s little point in worrying about someone else’s choice/default… when you are fully empowered to make your own. Let’s celebrate the freedom to choose, and not get caught up in the minutia.

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Dont have an account and dont need one. :grin:

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I am done too.

Mmm i’m not to happy about this change either, it would be better to leave it Firefox and let the user decide.
Or Give the user a choice in the installer.

Defaulting to a questionably Browser is not a good thing.
@oberon Why did you make this choice?


Sounds Great!

I think this is again one of the signs that we need to make the browser selection more transparent to users. We moved the office software selection from calamares to Manjaro-hello because the interface was nicer, and added the browser selection there, but nobody seems to have found it, including all reviewers. Maybe making it in wizard style would make people notice it easier. The intention is that the user should make this choice.

Vivaldi is one of the browsers I like to use. Compared with Firefox, it performs faster and has awesome email client that I enjoy using. However, Firefox is the only browser that has pinch zoom on Linux, can be made to look like gnome app and is important to support because otherwise the whole internet is based on blink and controlled by Google. Each browser has their place in the ecosystem and is useful to some user. More choice is a good thing in my opinion.

I didn’t know about the Vivaldi collaboration, but I had suggested trying shipping also Vivaldi about a year ago or so. Mostly because I think it is a cool, and for me, that’s what linux distribution is fundamentally about: sharing cool things with community.


The choice of browser & office software should b in the installer. Also u can throw in installation option for lts-kernel & some useful softwares (gimp, kdenlive, blender, obs, vlc) during installation.

& Default browser of a Linux distribution should never b a proprietary software.

Btw I don’t hate proprietary software & use some proprietary softwares daily.


Absolutly true, it would even better if there was a list of most fundamental software in the installer Ubuntu server has this.
This list could include email , browsers, office, media player etc.

I didn’t know that the office software was moved to manjaro hello, i never use that