Manjaro Cinnamon 18.1.5 - Window behavior setting : bugged ?

Hi everyone,

Running Manjaro Cinnamon for some days...
Perfectly matching my needs + nice + seems to be stable :slightly_smiling_face:

One question though.
In the "Windows" settings under the "Behavior" tab, there are 2 options (sorry for the translation... I run it in French) :

  • "Put windows that need attention in the current workspace"
  • " Forbid windows that require attention to get focus"

Now the problem is following.

To rip my CD collection, I use a program called "Cantata". When it's done ripping, it displays a window asking if I would like to calculate Replay Gain.
As soon as that window pops-up, the Cantata app comes to the foreground on the current workspace.

Whatever settings I apply in the Windows settings, it doesn't change anything... Still same behavior :frowning:

Are those settings bugged ?
Is Cantata the culprit ?
Or do I simply not understand what those settings are supposed to do ?

Needless to say that there is no setting in Cantata about this.
I would also like to stress that this did not happen in MATE desktop environment (at least I think).

Thanks for your answers.


There's supposed to be an option "Prevent focus stealing" that should keep that from happening - is that the same as your "Forbid windows that require attention to get focus"?

Hi Ferdinand,

Thanks for taking time to reply...

Yes, it is the same item.
I assume Cinnamon labelled it to be a little more explicit :slight_smile:
But checking dconf editor, it is indeed the "Prevent Focus Stealing" feature.
And that one is enabled, so I should not have focus stealing.

But none of both options are working : when the rip of my CD is done, Cantata still gets focus AND is pushed to current workspace :frowning:

So either Cantata overpasses the system settings in some way or Cinnamon settings are a little buggy :slight_smile:


This is mine that seems to work
From top to Bottom

Hi Robin0800,

Thanks for your reply.

I've applied your settings. I will try to rip a CD with Cantata and report.

But I am not optimistic. It seems the settings are indeed working. So I suspect the culprit is Cantata that, in a way or another, bypasses the system settings :frowning:


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