Manjaro Cinnamon 18.1.0 rc7 ISO (testing branch)

I have just updated the Manjaro-Cinnamon release candidate ISO to rc7.

The default panel styling in this version now is what Linuxmint calls the 'modern style', meaning it has grouped window list instead of traditional one and larger icons on the left-hand side.
According to my poll which is still open btw, this setup seems to have become the more popular one meanwhile and also it is the official Cinnamon's default.
However - also similar to what Linuxmint chose to do - I am currently working on a little tool where people will be able to revert to the traditional window list instead. The slightly higher panel with bigger icons I intend to keep anyway.

This (full) ISO also ships with our latest version of calamares-git, which already offers the new office-suite selection (LibreOffice or FreeOffice) during installation.
Note that the live session now does not include any office software at all :wink:

Other than that, Manjaro-Cinnamon 18.1.0 rc7 still includes

  • Cinnamon 4.2 desktop
  • fix for the 'invisibility' issue of our custom menu icon :wink:
  • fpakman for snaps and flatpak support
  • kernel linux 5.2
  • latest x-apps and mint-themes

Thank you for posting your findings, comments and suggestions, as always! :slight_smile:

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Still on the way: xrandr package will be added for completeness in the next rc ISO.


Kudos for modern style! :heart_eyes:


More Cinnamon-Logo :wink:


Awsome Oberon, Thenk you!
Looking forward for the Final Version to switch back from Gnome ^^

Why wander into the distance when the good is so close?

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Terrific work. Thank you as always!

After years of waiting, Cinnamon (v4.2) finally got mature enough for me to give up my decade+ use of Mate. It finally runs fast and without too many issues. Plus... It has not crashed once since installation about 2 weeks ago. I'm on Manjaro 18.0.4 Stable. I saw in the last update that the Grouped Windows List Applet finally made it down to the repo. I installed immediately!!!! This is the one feature that was missing that the Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon setup had. Glad Cinnamon is working A-OK on Manjaro!!!

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GWL has always been in Cinnamon on Manjaro since its inclusion in Cinnamon 4.0.X. However, to use it, you have to add the applet and ajust the settings for your panel(s) manually.

What is new here is making it the default on installation, as it is currently in Linux Mint.

Well... I'm using Manjaro Stable (not testing). In the ISO I used for install, the Grouped Windows List applet was no where to be found. Even when Cinnamon downloaded the latest Applets List, it was no-where to be found. Older and different named versions of the Applet were listed but not listed as compatible with Cinnamon 4.x. When I updated via Pamac about 1 to 2 weeks ago, the Grouped Windows List applet was magically on the Update List. I updated and the applet was available for use. I have it installed and love it way-better than the standard windows list.

Sad to see libreoffice still instead of fresh in this version. Hope it changes in the final release.

When a maintainer can't make up his mind ...



Any chance the GUFW package can come included by default? On this upcoming Cinnamon Manjaro release? The package does simplify firewall configuration.

gufw request thread

Manjaro's Firewall Wiki Page

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Will be included in the upcoming release :slight_smile:


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