Manjaro-Cinnamon 18.1.0 rc6 ISO

Here comes the release candidate rc6 for the Manjaro-Cinnamon edition (testing branch).


  • of course latest Cinnamon 4.2 desktop
  • fix for the 'invisibility' issue of our menu icon :wink:
  • fpakman for snaps and flatpak support
  • kernel linux 5.2
  • updated x-apps and mint-themes

Thank you for posting your findings, comments and suggestions, as always! :slight_smile:

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Congrats. I was just praising Manjaro Cinnamon today online. It's really pretty with its Manjaro theming, rock solid, feature-packed, and with its recent upgrades (Cinnamon 4.2) actually a fast and snappy performer. Compared to other Manjaro DE's, it's also for me the reigning battery life champ by a good margin... I can really find few flaws...


The theme is so beautiful in this version, congratz

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So Manjaro Cinnamon is going to be an official version?

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It's a community spin maintained by a Manjaro team member. It isn't an "official" version, but I trust it as much.

Due to the recent "controversies" about FreeOffice, Manjaro direction etc, I've been looking at other distros' Cinnamon. Manjaro's Cinnamon still looks/works the best, IMO.

Thanks. It's actually a Mint theme, don't tell anyone, shhhhh! :laughing:


Yup, I too think the Manjaro Cinnamon version is the best of the bunch out there.

BTW: The FreeOffice thing has been updated. It'll be optional at install, everyone can relax....

There are no controversies, read this


Actually, it looks better in this version I don't know why, but Linux Mint looks very skeuomorphic IMO.

That's weird, because the Mint-Y-Dark-Teal is the same as you would find on Linux Mint.

So amazing, I do not consider Cinnamon cool after that :heart_eyes: #ManjaroRocks

i switched a month ago to gnome, looks like i'm going back to cinnamon ^^

...It' a new suit and tie..:hugs:

It's that clean.

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I am waiting for this version to come out to install it, I hope it is better than the previous versions, because before I tried "manjaro" stable with cinnamon and being honest it seemed like a beta

I don't know how long ago you have tried the Manjaro-Cinnamon edition. But in any case it would be good to be more specific in what you thought was missing or not in order.
In general lately not much has changed in this profile.

I am considering to adopt Linuxmint's new default panel setup...
Please everybody participate in the poll on that matter!

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i remember that i had problems with the menus in the right click, they had a rare bug, they showed only two options, with the cursor i had to go down to the other options, the menus were not so long as to need something like this.
I think this is a problem with the gtk versions, because the desktops that use gtk are not on par with the gnome versions and I guess that causes a bug in the themes

another error was with the modern style of cinnamon and its groups, if I turned off the preview of the groups, when I restart it didn't show the list of open windows in the same group, I don't know what bug there was, but even if there were several windows in the same group, they weren't shown, a small empty dropdown menu appeared, it was supposed to appear a dropdown menu with text in the form of a list.

That's what I remember the most, I don't know if I'm forgetting something.

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