Manjaro Cinnamon 18.1.0-pre1 ISO (testing branch)

Here comes a first test ISO for Manjaro Cinnamon 18.1.0

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This is a minimal ISO with only the basics pre-installed.

  • includes (of course) Cinnamon 4.0.10 and kernel linux50
  • default gtk-theme now is Mint-Y-Dark with new matching kvantum theme KvFlatTeal for qt apps, thanks to @bogdancovaciu !
  • added gtkhash plugin for convenient checksum handling inside nemo
  • full package list can be found here
  • built against current testing branch packges.

Thank you as always for testing thoroughly and for your feedback!


Thank you @oberon! Even though I don't use Cinna if better options (in my opinion) are available, it definitely has its fans, and actually makes more sense to me than Xfce. This is a valuable project and I hope it takes off.

I can imagine that this will be a much loved project by the ex-Mint community :slight_smile: just be prepared to field questions about apt-get :smiley:


Thank you!

:slightly_smiling_face: The Cinnamon desktop environment happens to be one of my favourites (And, Manjaro being underneath the hood makes it even better).


Thanks, I will test it. Running now and typing on a test brigg Manjaro Cinnamon 18.04. Updates went well. Still trying to find out what works good for me and if gtk3 is inferior compared to qt...

Non-LTS kernel? Well, I know it's just a preview for testing purposes, but the final ISO will provide a LTS kernel, right?

That's normally the procedure, yes. Currently we ship all test builds with linux50 - being a little newer than 49 ... :wink:

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18.1.0-pre1 installs on an UEFI32 Intel baytrail after modifying the liveUSB. The only extra step was labeling the USB as "MJRO1810". Calamares installed Cinnamon and grub first try. I used manual partitioning to replace one linux distro on a multi-boot install. Cinnamon 4 looks great in preliminary testing.

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If I change window frames, Mint-Y-Dark-Teal isn‘t showen in the section Menu to change it back. Please Fix this Same on 18.0.4

Cinnamon has Window Borders and there is no issue for me to change to whatever theme, back and forth.

Are we talking about the same thing?

Why would you send me a PM to fix something i never been responsible for?
My contribution to this was a slight modification to the Kvantum theme (that is for Qt5 applications) to lookalike the Mint-Y-Dark-Teal theme. Absolutely unrelated with the Cinnamon theme itself, nor the Settings functionality to change themes.

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Ah good to know, before I have changed it there was ...-Teal on the end of the name. But I think this is Not an Design issue

Controls theme distinguishes between several color variations of Mint-Y. Window borders are either light or dark :wink:

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