Manjaro-Cinnamon 17.0.2

Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0.2 is now online.


  • Cinnamon 3.4.2
  • Complete X-apps stack (pix, xed, xplayer, xreader, xviewer)
  • new lightdm-slick-greeter
  • additional beautiful wallpapers contributed by @muser and @ant
  • Calamares 3.1.1

Now also included is our TUI-alround-netinstaller Manjaro-architect 0.8.13 a utility not specific to the cinnamon edition, but to install any Manjaro system you like.


Solved: Cinnamon: no network, network manager is incompatible

disclaimer: i am new to both Manjaro and this forum. Before writing this i checked another announcement topic, and saw that people can reply to these.

I an using Cinnamon 17.0.2, till last night i was happy with the system and was able to use it nicely. i normally don’t reboot or shutdown my system, since it is hot outside i wanted the laptop to rest a bit and turned it off. i woke up, booted the laptop, and there is no network. network applet says “not compatible.” i saw an error about network manager when rebooting.

I don’t know how to get logs, if someone shows me how i will do it.

windows 10 on this same laptop can connect to internet… Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0.2 booted from usb can also connect to internet.


Cinnamon 17.0.3 i hope soon

Release candidate is already up :slight_smile:

Please test and it should be ready to go shortly.

kurmayı denedim (17.0.3)

no problem during installation

but I get an error when trying to install a program (destination not found)

I observed that you were using a lot of RAM (950 mb)

(Sorry for Google Translate English)

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