Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0.2-rc



The release candidate for the 17.0.2 Manjaro Cinnamon snapshot is online.

The most obvious changes are apparent in the screenshots :wink:
TUI-alround-netinstaller manjaro-architect is included in its latest version 0.8.13 - of course it is not a specific tool for the Cinnamon edition but you will be able to install whatever Manjaro system you like with it.
The other novelty for this edition is Linuxmint’s lightdm-slick-greeter together with a cool wallpaper from @muser’s never ending stream of Manjaro creativity :slight_smile: - thank you very much for that!
Of course you also get latest calamares
The fresh Cinnamon 3.4.2 packages are included aswell as the newst versions of x-apps stack.

I would like to thank all of you who are so often helpful, investigative and constructive whenever there are bugs to find, improvements to make or beautification to achieve :slight_smile:


Lots of :heart_eyes: to the Manjaro team.
But a special big :kissing_heart: to the Architect team.


It’s the best version of Manjaro. It deserves to be official version @philm


Thank you! :smiley:
t’s an official oberon-edition :sunglasses: It doesn’t really make a difference anyway. I’m really happy that people like it in any case and if there wouldn’t be i3, Cinnamon would definitely be my desktop of choice, too. :slight_smile:


Firefox Theme Utility doesn’t start.
Otherwise, after two hours normal usage no errors found.
The font size could be larger.
I would love having urxvt with its settings as in i3 edition on Cinnamon.


How do you know? It should be autostarted and running in the background… ?


I clicked it in the menu and nothing happened. If it isn’t supposed to be in the menu, then .desktop must have Hidden=true.


I just checked. It is in fact autostarted and working.
I see what you mean. Question is, when the launcher would be invisible how can the user interact with the thing if one day he has maybe for some reason removed the launcher from his autostart and wants it back? :wink:


Just checked for I don’t know Cinnamon well. Startup Applications -> Add -> Custom command instead of Choose application which requires a launcher.


I will just not install the launcher to /usr/share/applications but only to /etc/skel.config/autostart
Like that it will not show in the menu, on the ISOs it will be installed to the user’s autostart and if someone needs the launcher back they can just copy it from /etc/skel:slight_smile:


Just tried manjaro-architect and it failed have posted here

Edit (by eugen-b): The issue is resolved.


Final release expected @oberon


Tonight or tomorrow the latest :slight_smile:


Have you tested it, at least on live USB?
Edit: I see you tested previous versions and reported errors. Thanks for that!


Can you use VLC nightly build? In previous versions the other version gives an error.


Right, yes, thank you.