Manjaro Cinnamon 17.0.1

The Manjaro-Cinnamon Community edition 17.0 is ready for download (updated to 17.0.1)

features and changes since 16.10:

new dark theming with vibrancy-colors icons
added native cinnamon-sounds
nemo 3.2.2
firefox and thunderbird
Linuxmint X-apps stack (pix, xed, xplayer, xreader and xviewer)
gnome-disk-utility and baobab
hexchat, transmission-gtk
base-devel group and yaourt


The best version of Manjaro. Thanks


Looking good @oberon! I am starting to love the X-apps stack, especially xreader!


Torrents are also live!

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I agree with @fatboy, adding the x-apps stack was a good decision! Great DE and cool theme too!

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Thank yall! My pleasure :smiley:

As always, thank you Oberon. I love Cinnamon and I love Manjaro. The one and only way I want to use Manjaro is with Cinnamon. It is snappy, stable, has the best vertical panel support, looks good (even though I use different themes than default) and never have any compositing problems, like I had with Xfce. All my linux steams games start without error and run flawless as well, without any glitches. I would have problems starting/running games under other DE’s, but for some reason it just works in Cinnamon, so this is greatly appreciated. And thank you for introducing me to Pragha. It is exactly the music player I have been looking for for a long time. Keep it up!

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It’s beautiful. Could someone state the theme info - icons, borders, icons,etc? (Or a screenshot of the Theme control window). Thanks

Personally, I loved Manjaro XFCE and was happy. Then I saw this Awesome cinnamon theme and I just Had to switch.

HUGE thumbs up to Ob and the rest. You 'all have some great taste.

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The icons are vibrancy-colors ‘full-dark-teal’. The rest is all just Vertex-Maia-Dark and xcursor-breeze :slight_smile:


Hey Oberon,
great work. I decided to give cinnamon 17.0 a try on a spare dell-laptop. Installation went fine and finished without problems.
I only have one problem: In Firefox, words I type into fields (e.g. search in youtube) are not readable. I use the standard vertex-maia-dark theme and did not change anything in the settings. I know that this is an old problem. However, it is not solved by the chrome-folder symlink method. The same happened for me in XFCE a while ago after an update. That’s why I decided not to use dark theme in XFCE. Now, there is the same thing in cinnamon. I fear there are the wrong files in the folder /usr/share/themes/Firefox/Vertex-Maia-Dark/chrome which originate from the package of the theme in the repo (as this happens to me for two desktops). I would really like to use the dark standard theming.

I furthermore like most of the new x-apps. However, I directly uninstalled xplayer as I don’t like to have all these unnecessary firefox-plugins including an old flash player plugin. Here, xplayer is too much mint for my manjaro :smiley:
In the context of x-apps, I would like to know if there is a reason for a pre-installed evince alongside xreader. That seems redundant to me and I tend to uninstall evince.

Beside these minor things, I really like the new manjaro cinnamon. Thumbs up!

Hi @flonk nk . There seems to be a flaw in the theme, indeed. Will check. For now you can just use a symlink to the Palemoon folder instead. Apparently that one has the right .css files :wink:
So in you ~/.mozilla/firefox/blabla.default folder do
ln -s /usr/share/themes/Palemoon/Vertex-Maia-Dark/chrome .
as a workaround for now.

Forget what I said… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s weird. For some reason the symlink to the theme’s chrome folder works perfectly fine in my i3 install but it doesn’t in Cinnamon… Need to investigate more

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Ok, mystery solved, @flonk ! The theming issue seems to be a bug of firefox-51, the version currently still on stable branch. With version 52, now already in testing this is solved again:

So, either just have a little patience until the next update arrives, or if you like you can also just install the new version like this:

sudo pacman -U$(uname -m).pkg.tar.xz

Thank you very much, Oberon! :slight_smile: You are right. It works with Firefox 52. :slight_smile:

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It’s a good question! :smiley: At the moment I can only say: I didn’t install it! :laughing: It seems to have been pulled in by some other hungry package as a dependency. You will find out as soon as you try to remove it…! :wink:

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Right. nemo-preview still depends on it and I remember now that I’ve seen this discussion before - I’ll investigate more …
edit: I’ve opened an issue at linuxmint about that.


Okay. I can live with that for now. Keeping that in mind, I think this dependency will be removed sooner or later by the mint devs.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Which Cinnamon version is it?

Always the latest, @Llewellen :wink:
Currently 3.2.8

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