Manjaro changes the Gnome layout without being asked to

Hi everyone, thanks a lot for Manjaro, I love the fact you are testing it with multiple desktop UI and keep it relatively simple and un-bloated!

I just installed Manjaro Gnome, but I am already having issues with the gnome-layout-switcher that comes out of the box with Manjaro Gnome: the layout is randomly changed to “Manjaro layout” (with the date to the right of the top bar) when I just want it to stay classic Gnome layout (date in the middle)
This happens usually at restart, (not always though) but also while I am using my laptop. I could not link it to something I do, it just randomly happens

So I uninstalled the gnome-layout-switcher using pacman -R, after making sure the layout was set to the classic Gnome. But then after restarting my laptop the dreadful Manjaro Gnome layout has been put back!

And this even if the gnome-layout-switcher is now uninstalled! (so I guess I need to reinstall the layout-switcher to get the classic gnome layout back?)

So it makes me wonder what is doing this switch?

I could not find any issue or post related to this problem, I created an issue in the GitLab repo of the gnome-switcher app, but it does not seems really active: see gitlab manjaro org in the repo Chrysostomus/gnome-layout-switcher issue 22

Not sure if I am posting at the right place, let me know if this is not the right place neither!

I love Manjaro at the moment, but it’s really worrying to have those kind of changes done in the background without any control or oversight over them (I am having the same kind of recurrent silent override with shortcuts, not sure if it is due to Manjaro or Gnome though, will need to deeply investigate… There are a lot of issues about this though, seems like Gnome can’t help itself to mess peoples shortcuts!)

Any idea what those wild layouts changes are due to? How can it be fixed? Why Manjaro keeps doing it even if the gnome-layout-switcher is uninstalled?

My setup: Manjaro 21.2 and Gnome Shell 41.4 and Xorg (unfortunately Wayland can’t be used seriously as it doesn’t support screen sharing for most popular apps)


First create a backup of the ~/.config/dconf/user file.

Then you can reset to Gnome defaults with this command:
dconf reset -f /org/gnome/
After running the command you’ll need to restart the session (logout/login) and you will have a Vanilla Gnome that you can tweak after without layouts, just via the extensions you want to use.

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Thanks for the help @bogdancovaciu

I tried this solution, it has effectively reset all the Gnome settings that I defined myself, so I guess the reset itself went through.

But the Gnome layout is still being changed randomly, asap as I re-login (I have re-installed the gnome-layout-switcher back though, should I delete it?)

Note that when I open the Layouts app it always pretends that I have the Gnome classic layout on, even when Manjaro do the unwanted switch to the Manjaro Layout

I just need to click on “Apply” to put back my layout

I have quite a bare Manjaro Gnome setup since I just installed it a week ago, I try to keep things relatively simple and clean to avoid those kind of unwanted behavior. I installed only those Gnome extensions: Hide Top Bar, Unite, Caffeine, gTile

Honestly i know nothing of some regression or bug in Layout-Switcher. The only thing it used to do was to reset the Firefox theme, but also that got fixed.

I use a custom layout on my Gnome install, but the Layout-Switcher never interfered with it, and if the issue you describe happen with or without Layout-Switcher installed, there might be something else. Check the autostart and scripts apps … Once yo do the reset and disable extensions and remove Layout-Switcher, then reboot, there should be a really bare Gnome Desktop and nothing should change unless you do it.

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I properly uninstalled gnome-layout-switcher, and restarted the laptop

It is getting a bit clearer: the switch layout is triggered when I open a new gnome-terminal

I tried to execute ZSH with exec zsh to see if it was due to something in my .zshrc but it doesn’t trigger the layout change, so it must be something related to the gnome-terminal and the layout-switcher (maybe pacman did not properly uninstall it? Is it something that could be possible?)

I have been using Ubuntu+Gnome with a similar setup for some years without ever having this issue. Also I have search about how to move the date in the top bar and most roads brings to the gnome-layout-switcher, especially for Manjaro. It seems there is nothing built-in Gnome Shell to do it, so the issue is probably brought by Manjaro extra setup or packages.

I’ll try to push further the investigation and find out the root of the problem. If anyone got similar problem or have an idea of what could be the cause, feel free to share!
Otherwise I will move to Arch+Gnome to see if it helps to prevent my laptop from running unwanted processes

I think I found what was the issue! It seems to be actually triggered by the “Unite” Gnome extension (when opening the terminal…)

So probably nothing to do with the gnome-layout-switcher, thanks a lot for your help @bogdancovaciu

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