Manjaro cannot boot, stuck loading kernel at 100%

Hello! I was trying to boot the manjaro full XFCE live disk on my coreboot thinkpad x230, when i saw that it had gotten stuck loading kernals at 100%, and the disk activity indicater was on, not blinking, just solid. I tryed re wrighting the iso to the flash drive, but it did not work. I also tryed running it on seabios, and it just got stuck in the same way. Can you please help me fix this?

Which image of Manjaro do you try to boot ?
This one: Manjaro Downloads

x86_64 full XFCE, and yes, from that page

Can you try another iso: Releases · manjaro/release-review · GitHub

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I had downloaded it from that website, and I think i am doing something wrong, i downloaded , and i can not extract it, it gives me an error, and if i wright the .zip file to the USB drive, it just doesn’t boot.

This is perhaps caused by the CPU with low/high power cores.

It is a multipart .zip file - two parts in this case.
You also need the other one, with the .z01 ending

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Thank You! I never knew there where multipart .zip files! Oh, And it works! i just installed manjaro!

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