Manjaro Budgie switch workspace only in primary monitor


I work in a Budgie multi-monitor setup, and I would like to be able to switch workspace only in a specific (primary) monitor.
I couln’t find any setting for that, is it a supported feature?


Haven’t seen that feature with any of the other desktop environments…don’t know if it exists in Budgie. You can probably achieve this by marking the windows as “Always on Visible Workspace” or whatever the equivalent is. Unfortunately I think this would be a manual operation.


Actually Deepin de has this feature (if i understand correctly):
Win + W - Display windows of current workspace
Win + A - Display windows of all workspaces

Not sure about Budgie though…


I tried your suggestion. Technically it’s what I’m looking for, could work but I find it inconvenient to manually set windows visibility every time. I think eventually I will stop using it :grimacing:.

@keybreak: it seems that’s not the feature I’m talking about. I asked for the possibility of switching workspace only in one monitor, while the other ones stay still with their windows on :slight_smile:


It is certainly possible with gnome and cinnamon, I believe xfce and mate also have this feature.
Plasma does not have, as far as I know (one of the my personal problems with plasma), but you can pin a window to be visible on all desktop, effectively nearly the same.

as for budgie, I believe you can achieve with one of the applets related to the workspaces, otherwise there should be a option in the dconf.


I searched both in the applets list and in dconf (with dconf Editor) with no luck. I think it should be in dconf, but honestly I don’t know where to look for it.