Manjaro-[Budgie,Mate] 17.1.7 released



Hi guys, sorry for late at the party :grin:…
These are the latest perhaps ISOs for architecture x86_64 since today Manjaro will officially support the i686 architecture :wink:…
So be happy with this ISOs :laughing: since i decide to move to another distro :sunglasses:

Note a side for budgie: add Budgie Extras

Budgie Download

Mate Download


Is Manjaro Budgie Closing?

Torrents for Budgie and Mate 17.1.7 are now up at SF, OSDN and Github.

As per usual.


That was a good one! :joy:
Many thanks for the releases!


The maestro @Ste74 was a bit busy last night, so I volunteered to upload the latest Mate 17.1.8 build :wink:

direct | sig | sha1 | sha256 | torrent


Cool stuff by the way! :sunglasses: :+1:



:slightly_smiling_face: I am currently using Manjaro MATE and I love it!

Hopefully, other people would download this ISO image and try it out!


i will remove GNOME now on my Laptop and change it for Budgie :see_no_evil:
i hope that Budgie is not leeching my battery so hard :stuck_out_tongue: with the most features of GNOME


libappindicator-gtk3 is not included in the iso, this makes the QT apps don’t show in the Systray.


I’m thinking of trying this, Is it still being maintained and is 17.1.8 stable the latest release?



Manjaro is a rolling release distribution, install and update forever. Versions are a formality


17.1.10 is in the Land :wink:


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