Manjaro Budgie - How to use Budgie-Extras?



Hi all. After my period of trying out Manjaro Deepin, I thought I might give Manjaro Budgie another spin. I have a machine running Ubuntu Budgie, and know from experience that for me Budgie is only usable with that team’s Budgie Extras package. I remember the last time I tried Manjaro Budgie I had trouble getting it working after installing the package.

Can anyone give me some pre-installation advice for how to get Budgie Extras working on the Manjaro version once it’s installed? Thanks!


I didn’t encounter any issue, all the Applets just work. :slight_smile:


My budgie also works fine.


So, stupid question, how do you activate the applets? From the command line? In Ubuntu Budgie, you do it via the Budgie Welcome screen…


I add them by Budgie Desktop Settings > Top Panel

Some have more options, some don’t. You have to add Spacers between some of them, or even Separator …


Ok, in Ubuntu Budgie, in order for the applets to even show up in the “Add applet” option on the screen you posted you’d need to add them first via Budgie Welcome. I’m guessing on Manjaro Budgie, if you install Budgie Extras, they’re just showing up in the “Add applet” option in Desktop Settings, correct? That’s probably what I missed…