Manjaro Budgie - Can't download via Torrent file


I can not get Manjaro Budgie to download. I would have loved a torrent, but there are no seeds


Somewhere here in the forum it says that (seed) it is not possible at the moment.
Where are you gonna download it from?


That’s the one alright! If I had it I could make it available 24/7 through my private seedbox, only legit things in there. But in order to do that I’d need a copy first.


You don’t need to do that. It will not help or work.



Yes, yes, I am well aware how private trackers work. It’s part of my job. Once I have a file, I know how can do through the paces and gain a swarm of peers. In either case a direct download with checksums is also an option. I mean people how done all the work and now can their work to the outseide world, that must be an ego buster.


I have already figured out how to host all Community editions, be there by torrent downloads or by direct downloads with Checking MD5 sums.


For God’s sake, why is it impossible to download community editions?
I Can host them in the interim.


It isnt impossible. There just isnt torrent hosting.
Someone making that available would be great … but I suspect that there would be more than a little reluctance to let just anybody be serving up the installation images.

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they can be grabbed using webseed of the direct ISO link from the osdn folder in torrent software or just use your web browser.


The problem with the torrents right now is:

The tracker Manjaro used for torrents is no longer online.
This means that there are no information about the torrrent anywhere, other than the hardcoded webseed. This makes the torrent still download, but not able to be seeded, since there is no information stored anywhere about the seeders.

The Manjaro Team is working on another solution to this problem, but in the mean time, it is not possible to seed the Manjaro torrents.

PS: And downloading the Budgie ISO via torrent works fine. It just uses the webseed. (downloading it right now for test)

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The torrent doesn’t download for me. But I downloaded via the link and checked the checksum so I am all ok. I guess I’m used to downloading via torrents as it keeps the file intact, but with the checksum it’s just as safe. Thanks!

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