Manjaro Budgie battery life

I have been happily using Manjaro i3 for the last two years with absolutely no issues. Last night I decided to give budgie a try. Everything installed fine. While tinkering with the desktop look and feel I noticed that my battery was literally taking a nose dive. Every time I looked up at the indicator, another 10% was gone. With i3 I can go all day on battery power. With budgie my battery is gone in 20 minutes or less. The laptop is a Dell XPS 13. I have tlp running. Is there anything I could try in order to figure out why this is happening? With i3 I do not run a compositor. Could this be the issue? Is there a way to turn off the one budgie is using?

UPDATE: After running powertop it looks like budgie's previews_creator is the top culprit. I followed the steps here to install budgie and extras. The previews_creator is part of the extras I guess. Once I removed the extras, things started working somewhat better. At least the laptop fan finally stopped. The battery isn't draining quite as fast but it is still unacceptable. Now powertop looks like this:

  813 mW      0.8 ms/s     205.4        Interrupt      [17] idma64.1
  481 mW      1.4 ms/s     121.1        Timer          tick_sched_timer
  439 mW      2.9 ms/s     101.1        Process        [PID 296] [irq/51-DLL075B:]
  225 mW     20.7 ms/s      43.3        Process        [PID 1222] budgie-wm
  187 mW     18.5 ms/s      39.6        Process        [PID 606] /usr/lib/Xorg :0 -seat seat0 -auth /run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitc
  179 mW      8.8 ms/s      38.5        Process        [PID 5298] urxvt
  154 mW    165.3 ┬Ás/s      38.8        Interrupt      [51] DLL075B:01

Anything else I can try? Are there alternatives for the application switcher that aren't so power intensive?

UPDATE: With extras installed I figured out that you can turn off "previews" using the budgie "Previews Control". After that the application switcher stops working entirely. Then you can go into the keyboard settings and enable normal switching. Now the application switcher is back showing only icons and not previews. This is far less battery intensive.

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