Manjaro Budgie and Mate 17.1.4



Hi community,
this weekend storm snow :snowflake::snowflake: block me at home so more free time and… i’m happy to announce another update for Budgie and Mate ISO’s to include our latest updates.
No improvement from our last edition 17.1.2 since i don’t have notice for important bugs :grinning:, only a refresh of the install media at 17.1.4 point.

Stefano Capitani

Budgie Download

Mate Download

Manjaro Budgie and Mate 17.1.2 are here

Torrents are now live too!



How stable is budgie with xfce desktop (in manjaro)? What are theirs cons?



My favorite community spin! Thanks for this and thanks to the snow storm. :laughing:


I want try Budgie but I don’t enough information so these could be silly questions but, compared to XFCE desktop:

  1. How stable is budgie desktop?
  2. What are the pros and cons?
  3. Does the community edition have the same repos as official ones?

Thanks for your time



Don’t cross-posting!


I don’t understand what you meant


The “yes” is for, yes it have the same repos as the official one

“Don’t cross-posting!” is for don’t ask the same thing into two or more topic, in a few minutes, even


Sorry, I didn’t realize that this post was the last community edition announcement. It will delete the other post right now.



Hi, honestly never used XFCE so i can’t say the difference . Budgie is stable than other DE at the moment. And yes Manjaro use for all editions the same repository


@philm, the links to Budgie and Mate edition are pointing to 17.1.2 releses, here are the new links:

Same for the Forum post link, it should point to this topic here:


@Ste74 have a current screenshot of each edition for the blog and download page?
Or well, since they are just rebuilds the 17.1.2 ones should be ok.


I want to reinstall Manjaro with Mate this time and I wonder if there will be a new ISO when Mate 1.20 is in the stable repo?


MATE tends to be the last edition to get a new ISO, therefore don’t wait, IMHO. I can tell that the update to 1.20 went more or less ok on my archlinux32 install.


Decided to give it a try and installed Mate last night.

Easy-peasy, no problems after the updates and rebooting.

Rather a nice DE experience IMO: lovely to look at, quick and stable plus it seems to use a little less system resources than some of the other excellent Community Editions.

A definite thumbs up!:+1:



New here. I like the Budgie DE very much. However, I wonder why there is no Desktop setting in the Budgie Desktop Settings… in addition, there is no right-click option to change anything. Is this deliberate? Most DEs have this (Windows, macOS, Mate, even Solus Budgie). Thank you for your time.


It’d be nice to know what version of the desktop environments are shipping with these new versions. What version of MATE is shipping with Manjaro MATE 17.1.4?


MATE 17.1.4 is shipped with MATE 1.18.

However, MATE 17.1.6 is shipped with MATE 1.20.




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