Manjaro Budgie and Mate 17.1.10 updated


A new refreshed ISOs for Mate and Budgie de are ready for download…



Note for Budgie: for now is not possible open the lightdm-settings from budgie menu. If you want open it use the terminal via
pkexec lightdm-settings
or modify the lightdm-settings.desktop in the Exec line:
remove pkexec and write sudo
( alredy open an issue on Budgie desktop upstream repo )



More and more problems for poor Budgie :’(


To be fair lightdm-settings seems to be having problems on multiple desktops right now. I can’t open the settings launcher from the control panel on cinnamon.


Does it come with slick lightdm? If not, installing it might fix the issue. Also maybe trying to install it over the original xfce. This will give you the base desktop to see what the issue is better by installing each piece at a time. A lot of times issues can be fixed this way with a good ole virtual machine and some time to spare.

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