Manjaro Budgie 18.1.0 released

I am proud to announce another Manjaro Community Edition: Manjaro Budgie 18.1.0 is ready.

This is a refreshed ISO and as usual, this reflects our main edition for kernel series, snap and flatpack support with bauh and office-chooser




never used budgie will give it a try, thank you for sharing @Ste74

Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute:

Finally, some solace for us dudes who cannot decide between the simplicity of GNOME and the familiarity of Plasma!! Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for release new version.

Wow looks great, amma give it a try next time

What version of Budgie is used?

It is working perfectly. One question how to get update notifications, budgie notifications not showing pamac update notifications.

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