Manjaro Budgie 18.0.1 released

Hi Community sorry for the delay with this edition but i was a little busy with my real life.
Well, Budgie 18.0.1 stable release is out and ready for you, not big improvment, only a refreshed ISO; the only change is the switch into matcha-sea theme.


Note: ISO build with manjaro-tools-git r2729.cb28eef-1




Congrats! I think we’re all too familiar with the ravages of real life :slight_smile:. Thank you for your work on Budgie, one of my preferred DE’s.

Oh, and question by the way. I’m having an odd situation in my laptop install of Manjaro Budgie where it seems touchpad presses too close together in time are being interpreted as two finger touches, activating the right mouse button action. This is being interpreted when those last two touches are much farther apart than most distros, where they need to be simultaneous. Any idea of the issue?

Also, do you know if it’s possible for Budgie to not suspend when a laptop lid is closed? Thanks!

Hi, I was just around the corner and saw your post.
To not suspend when a laptop lid is closed, I got a neat trick for it.

  1. Backup /etc/UPower/UPower.conf
  2. Type in terminal : cd /etc/UPower && sudo nano UPower.conf
  3. Edit the line IgnoreLid=false and change it to true
  4. Save
  5. Backup /etc/systemd/logind.conf
  6. Type in terminal : cd/etc/systemd && sudo nano logind.conf
  7. Edit the line HandleLidSwitch=suspend and change it to ignore
  8. Save
  9. You might want to reboot and do tell if it works. In case you want to revert, just replace the files with the ones you backup’d and reboot.

Nice trick, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!!

The developer/maintainer from Ubuntu Budgie for the Budgie-extras package posted that he updated the Budgie-extras applications yesterday and to poke at the Manjaro maintainer to let them know. Is this you?

Yes i’m… honestly is also a official arch package but i can update in our repo if arch don’t do for now…

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I was just about to poke about this too. I also got an email that they are working on a backports fix right now for the long-persisting Budgie floating taskbar icon bug. The UB devs I think are the unsung heroes of Budgie and have been killing it in app dev while Solus dithered on the DE for quite some time…

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Awesome. thanks.

Thanks for your work Stefano :slight_smile: Yesterday evening I thought about giving Budgie Manjaro a try.

This is some awesome development. Manjaro GNOME was my go to last year and just today I discovered Dudgie. The DE just works fine and stable for me. Great work!

First of all, thank you for the work. Did the day before yesterday on a seven year old Packard Bell Easynote F4085 (Intel Pentium P6100, 2GHz, 8GB RAM, Intel X4500HD) Manjaro Budgie installed and set up. Starts relatively fast and runs. Need to do some work; If necessary, I ask. :wink: For example, affects function keys brightness, volume, number pad.

Suggestion: Solus and Pop_OS offer gnome calendars without evolution. Would be worth considering, also set it separately as the preferred application. Am a diehard Thunderbird user.

However, I think the developers know Solus and also Ubuntu Budgie. :sunglasses:

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Been using this for sometime now, it’s beautiful and i love it. i noticed totem doesn’t have a preferences option in the application menu, i have no idea if i did anything wrong or it’s a general issue. if i’m the only on having this, someone should please help out with a solution. thank you

Just what I am Looking for

But i need help please
witch one to download ?

many thanks

you definitely need the *.iso file to install, you may skip all the other files:

  • the *.txt is the list of packages contained in the *.iso;
  • the *.sha1 and *.sha256 are the checksum files for the *.iso, it’s a good idea to verify the download against them, but not mandatory;
  • the *.sig is the digital signature file, again, it’s the right thing to verify the authenticity of the *.iso. but not mandatory.
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Many thanks for clearing that up

I Dont know why but i just cant get my head Around
that website // i always get Lost :slight_smile: