Manjaro Budgie 17.0.2

Hi community as promised a fresh edition for Manjaro Budgie DE is ready . The last rc did not show any new problems and the ones detected or encountered in the last edition i hope i have solved them :grinning:

EDIT : today , 5 july i have reupload the 17.0.2 with the right corrections for slick-greeter and the theme .
New checksums:

4e51bb4d02bcb63844cb69535c267d48 manjaro-budgie-17.0.2-stable-i686.iso

5a8f725a2550527f2d6d0f6898daed19 manjaro-budgie-17.0.2-stable-x86_64.iso

@Strit can you update the torrent :wink:

At last but not the last Budgie edition adopt the new slick-greeter as the last rc :wink:

Have fun with Budgie .


Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team


@Ste74 Awesome job! Love this DE :slight_smile:

There are a couple of issues:

  • The default DE after first install is set to Gnome. A minor annoyance since I could not figure out why the login was looping. Then I realised I had to change the DE.

  • Something is wrong with the DE. I see black bars in the Applications menu. See attached image. Any ideas what is causing this? Was not present in the previous release.

Edit: Seems to be a problem with the theme. Going to budgie settings -> use builtin theme solves the issue.


I know it is largely out of your hands, but how smoothly do you think the new QT version will be adopted here once it comes down the pipe? I’ve been wanting to test budgie, but dont see the point if they are going to rebase so soon.

Well, atleast at Solus they are saying

Q. How will the transition from 10 to 11 be from a user perspective?

A. Completely clean like a normal upgrade. You’ll get a normal update in the Software Center and next time you log in or reboot you’ll get Budgie 11 Qt

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Torrents are now live at:


Strange … open issue on budgie desktop
For the lightdm default session have to investigate… budgie and gnome are brother and we have to check when calamares parse budgie to set the session because otherwise it recognize gnome … i think is a little issue with slick greeter…

Fixes for that greeter are currently in our testing branch. We will test it and may release a new revision of this edition. If needed, CAL can be configured to set a default session. Normally Budgie should be preferred over Gnome.

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In fact it’s the same problem as when we started to offer budgie de how community edition … tonight I try building it in testing if everything is ok i move in stable and reconstruct budgie by updating this post …

Since the displaymanager module is written in python, you may add some debug-lines so you see more output. Simply add it temporally to our live-overlay locally on your system. When you found a working solution, please create a normal PR for it on our fork of CAL.

Perhaps. It is not a huge issue, once the DE is changed, it appears to default to Budgie again.

But for a new user, it might be confusing since the login just loops and it is not readily apparent how to switch the DE on slick greeter (at least to me).

And the theme, I just saw the issue on Github, a reply suggests the theme is not supported by Budgie, which is odd, I do not see what the issue is. As you said, the only thing you changed seems to be the colour.

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Well guys the issue for the session is solved :

now the theme problem … seem for a strange reason arc-maia not work in budgie after last update . Budgie provide extra support for arc-theme and this work fine. So the question :
switch into regular arc-theme or adopt vertex-maia-theme ? I can provide also this extra support but after i think arc-maia and arc not can be installed at the same time and when budgie go into qt library this work will be useless …
Please tell me .

This is still a fairly long way off, the transition to Qt is a big job, even with Ikey now on it full time.

Ikey announced on Late Night Linux that Budgie 10.4 is just around the corner, they had a big bug fixing community event and implemented vertical panels too.

Budgie is still not quite ready for everyday use yet IMO, but it has enormous potential.

I suggest vertex. Arc has a problem with Firefox Sync. I opened an issue on Bugzilla but later realised it is Arc specific. Vertex does not seem to have the same issue, so I suggest go with Vertex. You could possibly provide the option to change to Arc if the user wishes, but default to Vertex.

Let me know when you post your ISO, I am eagerly waiting to test it :slight_smile:

I have found an issue with Arc theme and Firefox Sync. I noticed this while trying to access my Sync account and found a blank page for Sync. I had opened an issue on Bugzilla but later realised that this is an issue with Arc theme specifically as disabling it fixed it (See the issue for screenshot and details). This may not necessarily be Budgie specific but I am reporting this here anyway. Since Arc is a popular theme on Manjaro, I suggest someone take a look at this.

I do not have this issue using :
community/budgie-desktop 10.3.1-1
community/arc-icon-theme 20161122-3
community/arc-themes-solid-maia 20170302-3
extra/firefox 54.0-1

Are you talking about :
community/arc-firefox-theme 20170420-1 ?
or community/arc-firefox-theme-maia 20170420-1 ?

Can it be related to :
community/firefox-arc-maia-settings 20161105-1 ?

Sorry, should have been clearer. Yes I am talking about community/arc-firefox-*. This probably has nothing to do with the main desktop theme itself.

I tested it, both arc-firefox-maia and non maia arc themes results in a blank sync page.

Yep, is also open an issue on github upstream repo… seem the problem is mozilla have changed the name of the tab and the theme use the old name… before the name is firefox sync , now firefox account…

Oh, good to know. Thanks!

So I suggest for now do not install firefox-arc in the distro, the use can install it later if they wish to from the package manager.

Thank you at you for report this issue here :wink:

As a heavy user of BOTH your releases (Budgie and MATE), the least I can do is report issues :smile:

Speaking of which, slightly off topic, any ETA on MATE release? I want to re-install MATE edition on my laptop, which I have been ignoring for a while, would be nice to get it up and running! :smile:

Soon … after rebuild Budgie i can do Mate since not have see bug report on mate rc ( apart this for firefox theme now removed from mate )


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