Manjaro Budgie 16.10



The last stable update caused some icons to disappear in budgie panel, did anyone find a solution? Thanks.


What icons use ? Only in the panel you have issue?


I was using Evo, the panel is not picking any of the correct icons and suddenly some inconsistencies also appeared in the file-manager… Didn’t you get these errors?


Can you try use the arc set ? Or other in our repo no from aur ?


You mean the Arc window theme? Are there Arc icons? If you mean the first, it does not change… it is picking the icons inconsistenly…


Also, the menu has now the Gnome foot icon…


Oh, turns out there are Arc icons, will check and return…


Nope, it persists…


Ok , i notice some icon set is break , this evening check if i need to rebuild :slight_smile:

Edit: check if you have harfbuzz installed… try to downgrade it…


Yes, I have it installed. How to downgrade? Which command should I run?


install pacli and run in terminal with pacli command and select the right option check also this solution in the last comment

Vertex-Maia Icons Don't Display After Update

I am not sure that is the same issue… Anyways, I couldnt downgrade with pacli because I have recently cleaned the cache… sorry for that…


see here
this solve


Not in my case, both packages are installed in my system…


I tried it all, we probably need a rebuild of this edition. At some point I thought it was a problem with infinality, but even after uninstalling it it persisted…