Manjaro Budgie 16.10

Hi community , manjaro-budgie 16.10 is available :


  • Kernel LTS 4.4 series
  • Budgie 10.2.8
  • Lollypop
  • Manjaro Printer
  • Hexchat
  • Libreoffice-still
  • Arc-Maia-Theme enable in Firefox and in Budgie shell

Plus : Cli app

  • MC ( Midnight Commander : who remember norton commander with dos :slight_smile: )
  • mhwd-tui
  • pacli
    ( Added this cli app for easy management our manjaro box without gui/de )

Download : Community Repo - Torrent


Nice work, congratulations :wink:

I announced to Manjaro Turkey community


Thank you @tulliana :slight_smile:

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Congratulations @Ste74 !
This looks beautiful! Love the green you selected here.

Torrents are live!


Looks great nicely polished - everything working smoothly here. :+1:

Thank you, i don’t like iso with more program and more custom . I like little customization for eyes pleasure and leave user install what want or customize itself :wink:


Congratulations, excellent work, very beautiful and polished system.

I’m using as my main system, a hug!


downloading to seed


@Ste74, thanks for your great work on this! Loving Manjaro Budgie!

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There´s typo on the splash sceen: Enjoy the semplicity… :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Ste74 this is a really nice community edition. Two things I like most about it are:

  • Light core of useful apps
  • Comes with a very pretty Manjaro theme

I was a bit hesitant to try Manjaro-Budgie because Budgie is still a new DE.
But it just works :slight_smile:

I am really enjoying this release. I have been using Manjaro XFCE since the early 0.8 days, and actually replaced it for the MATE community version recently since I had been using MATE elsewhere and really liked it. I then started playing with Budgie via Solus and realized that Budgie is what I really wanted when it comes to a desktop environment.

Thanks for this release, as I like having everything I love about Manjaro mixed with what I believe is now my favorite desktop environment.

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Thank you for this awesome Version of Budgie. Normally, i`am a Oberon “Groupie”. :blush: But i have to say, that manjaro Budgie is one of the prettiest things, that i have seen on my desktop. It works veeeeery smooth and its fast. Thanx again!

Has anyone tried Manjaro Budgie 16.10 with Catalyst / proprietary AMD / FGLRX drivers. I was having some issued with KDE version. But now I want to try Manjaro Budgie 16.10 with proprietary drivers. If someone has tried it and their installation went smoothly, then do let me know as soon as possible please. I will be downloading Manjaro Budgie once I get home.

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Manjaro Budgie installation was successful. But after reboot, I got white screen and black arrow I could see and move. There was login screen but I could barely see anything, however mouse changed at password field so I entered my password and logged in. After login, white screen was still there. I entered alt+ctrl+f2 to go into shell but tyen I got black screen with dots of colors.

I have AMD graphic card. I didn’t start Manjaro in non-free mode so open source drivers were suppose to install but it looks like they are not working well.

Please help.


Hi all,

My sincere compliments to the team. I finally found a truly viable alternative to mate in Budgie and the version Manjaro ships just works flawlessly!


Good for you! As per me, I have @faisal6309’s same problem, and I own an AMD card too…

Does Budgie support applet indicators? I mean clipboard and stuff like Ubuntu, Cinnamon etc. If it does, I think it might be my next DE as Deepin doesn’ support those… :blush: