Manjaro Budgie 16.06.1



Manjaro Budgie Community Edition is ready for download

The iso contain the last update of manjaro and all benefit .
Some programs included :


and other but with in mind “one for one use”


Iso signed with PGP Key 8DF53602 Stefano Capitani < stefano_at_manjaro_dot_org >



Torrens are also now up!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Good Day Stefano.
Budgie 16.06.1
Is it possible to list your average RAM memory usage on 86_64amd (64-bit).
I’m current running Manjaro-Deepin but currently looking at OS options that use less resources on my older Core2-duo laptop.

Just noticed 636 mb of RAM memory usage in photo. Is that still relevant now.


I tested i686 version lately
I also found out that when I log out on live session and relogin I have used memory of just 225MB

[manjaro@manjaro ~]$ free -h total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 2.0G 225M 696M 69M 1.1G 1.5G


Thats amazing Eugen


First I’d like to congratulate y’all on an outstanding release. It is rock solid and runs like a top on my laptop. I’ll post my system info in a bit. I was wondering if anyone has looked at The Budgie-Remix distro that is on Distrowatch’s waiting list? They r basically trying to become an official flavor of Ubuntu, which I think is a mistake, but I did find a rather interesting item that they have come up with. It’s called budgie-plank and it’s a plugin for the desktop to make plank-config actually work. When I installed Plank and Plank-Config on my Manjaro system I could never get plank-config to work. I installed every dependency for both and plank itself worked but plank-config always threw up a error. The plugin is on git so getting a hold of it isn’t and issue but my problem is that I have no idea how to make a Manjaro package as my background is with Debian packaging. Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone was interested.


First of all thank you :wink: .
Why install plank config ? With plank now is unnecessary remove it and to config plank :slight_smile: after that simply CTRL + right mouse button and preference appear :sunglasses:


Okay I will give that a shot

yeah that did the trick thanks

oh and one more thing. Is it safe to assume that is the best place to fine themes? Should it be GTK3 themes or Gnome Shell themes?


Yes but also in aur or in our repo you can pick more theme example in our repo is present arc-theme and arc-theme-firefox or moka icon . Only check ( in gnome look site ) if the theme is ready for gtk 3.20


okay thanks


My Manjaro Budgie desktop.

This is what I run at, keeping in mind I do have a lot of ram to spare, and my system is only rebooted after updates.
Memory Usage - 5643.7 / 32162.3MB

When I was running Manjaro KDE I was having an issue withe the system using way too much ram, giving me a lot of lag.
on the same system withe the same applications running I was averaging 16GB of ram usage.

Also if you don’t have a lot of ram, try not to use chrome. I know many people rely on it, but it will eat away at your ram. Every app you add to chrome uses extra ram, every tab you open will open a new process.

Firefox might not be the best, but it sure plays nice with Linux in general.


NO DE should take up 5.6 GB’s of RAM on a reboot. Something is wrong on your setup.


My pc Has now been running for 7 days. It will be rebooted tomorrow after the latest updates.
This is what my pc averages, with all the applications that are running, and I do have a lot.

Not at reboot, at reboot it’s about 300MB.


Oh okay. You just didn’t state that. The others posted after clean reboot, so I assumed yours was too.


Guys, I tried to disable animations in tweak tools but it keeps turned on. Any help?

It is just a little buggy. Finally I got them disabled after some tries.


For the record, it will be an official flavor (Ubuntu Budgie) beginning with the 16.10 release.


Hi, when I downloaded both the 16.06.1 iso and the md5 file marked with the same version, I got a md5 file for version 16.06 only, and the md5sums of course don’t match.

The md5 file says: “d226722e38c56431d42b0bba86dc5ab1 manjaro-budgie-community-16.06-x86_64.iso”

My downloaded iso’s md5sum is:
38fe23f7981f6b75d70b136b602b9818 ~/etc etc/manjaro-budgie-community-16.06.1-x86_64.iso

Could you confirm the correct md5sum?



Please use the signature file or the sha1sum from our download page.


I confirm this checksums , and of course the trick of Philip , also in sourcefourge you see equal sign and if you download the .sig file you can verify my pgp key on iso