Manjaro Bspwm 17.0.5



Manjaro community is proud to present the newest release of bspwm community edition, keyfeatures of which are minimalism, flexibility and command line usage.

Bspwm edition is currently our lightest offering, designed to work fluidly even on older hardware. Only gtk3 toolkit is used for graphical applications. From selection of software to choice of fonts, everything is designed to cause minimal overhead both in ram and processor usage. This ensures that your computer is using most of its resources on what you have actually tasked it with. In both resource usage and workflow, bspwm edition stays out of your way and let’s you focus on your work.

Bspwm edition is designed to be easy to operate with either mouse or keyboard, or any combination thereof. It manages windows in sane manner without user interaction, but also provides absolute control over them. Bspwm is one of the most configurable and scriptable environments available, and this edition showcases this with addition of openbox style desktop menus and many helpful scripts. The edition features extensively commented configuration files.

One of the goals of Manjaro is beginner friendliness, and bspwm edition aims for this specifically in command line usage. It includes many easy to use command line utilities for everything from system administration to music, excellent tab completion and syntax highlighting everywhere.

The edition uses manjaro-architect as the installer. This means that the installed system is always up to date, and you can install any manjaro edition from here, with unparalleled level of configuration.

Changes since last release:

  • installer: manjaro-architect
  • browser: chromium
  • terminal: st-manjaro (preconfigured st+tmux)
  • pulseaudio
  • single click enabled in spacefm
  • new theming and wallpapers in line with other manjaro editions

The iso is available for download here:

Plans for upcoming bspwm 16.06

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Torrents are now live at:


Can anybody confirm that pacui cannot install from Manjaro repos on live session, but pacli can? @excalibur1234

pacui works on the installed system as needed. My guess would be that it somehow cannot work without yaourt or pacaur.


i tried 1 month ago and it didnt work not sure if it was pacui’s fault (havent test pacli)


If you can wait 30 mn I will test.


I can install with pacui on live iso without issue. For some reason I don’t even remember syncing repos before doing that the last time, although I usually need to do

  sudo pacman -Syy 

before being able to install anything.


I booted the ISO again and this time no problems with pacui, strange. A singular event.


Seems to work:


strange - but i think i have encountered a problem like that a long time ago, too.
i cannot do any tests at the moment, but i will test this in the next couple of days.

edit: i have just tried to install pacui on the livecd of manjaro net/lxqt and could do it without any problems - even without pacaur or yaourt present.

pacui needs pacaur or yaourt to work properly, but you should be able to install pacui without any problems (from the manjaro repos or the AUR) even without pacaur or yaourt.


Bspwm edition comes with pacaur


I didn’t make myself clear. Pacui is installed, but when I tried to install with it the packages from Manjaro repos weren’t displayed in the list. I hit 3, enter pamac and get only pamac-aur, pamac-aur-git, only AUR packages. While in the same session pacli showed all packages.

But I wasn’t able to reproduce it, I booted the live ISO twice and pacui worked normally.


interesting. but it is unfortunate you cannot reproduce the issue.
i have just tested the same thing and all packages are shown in the list of packages.

i have seen the opposite in the past: only packages from the manjaro repos were shown, but no AUR packages. this happens when “wget” is missing on the system, because “wget” is used to download a list of AUR package names.