Manjaro boots to non-graphical login screen after selecting KDE

Hi All,
Can someone help be about that case:
I installed a Manjaro multiboot system in Lenovo MIIX 520, after selected the KDE version boot, it went direct to a commande console in black screen (tty1) asking login and password. How can I come back to desktop screen? I’d like to avoid a reinstall. ALT+CTL+F(n), 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 don’t work… Please help.

Hello @vivius :slight_smile:

No idea what you did. But it is definitely not the installation process.

If it boots to the basic video login screen, then you have set instead of to default or you disabled the display-manager.service.

sudo systemctl set-default
sudo systemctl enable --now display-manager.service

Hope it helps :wink: