Manjaro boots to a black screen


Yesterday I did a truly big system update as I do not have access to wifi at home and had a backlog of updates. I turned off my computer and didn’t try turning it back on until today.

When I attempt to boot up the computer I make it past the GRUB decryption. After this I get a message I always have about a file in /dev/mapper, although I only get a mention of one of the two luks files in this directory instead of both. After this I get a black screen. From this black screen I can access the command line by using ctrl+alt+f5, but I don’t know how to fix the issue from here.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot.

Welcome at the forum, @Visfree :grinning:

Good starting point would be to follow these guides:

I’m not having any luck with this - I’m not sure how to access mhwd chroot (it doesn’t come up as a package I can install) and I’m not sure which partitions of mine would be boot or root - I can see that they all come out under gpt but that is all.

Also thank you for the welcome, and I apologize for my inexperience - I’ve been on Linux for a few years but I don’t know it very deeply yet.

Use manjaro-chroot after booting into a live ISO: