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I’ve been running a fully updated Manjaro MATE on my Thinkpad X200 for more than a year and, save, for a few hiccups it has been working well.

Unfortunately, earlier today I started the computer to a notification saying there are system updates. At first it showed only one update, I think something like “manjaro-system”. I installed this one, after which it showed me a long list of updates.

But before I installed that long list of updates, I rebooted the computer. I saw the boot menu, and a bit of text output flashing by as it normally does. But after that the computer stops at a blinking cursor. After a couple minutes, the screen would actually go to sleep, and any keyboard (but not mouse) input would wake the screen showing me the blinking cursor again…

Does the above indicate what kinds of problem there is on my machine? Since this is an important production machine (and I’m using a backup system right now) hopefully someone can help soon! Thank you very much.


Yeah - the last update was a major one with the mesa stack - which when interrupted causes that behavior.

Best try for you is to switch to another tty (ctrl-alt-F3) than login, sudo pacman -Syyu and see if that already fixes it for you - if you have switchable graphics you most likely also need to move config in /etc/bumblebee/ as the bumblebee.conf.pacnew is the one working.

Otherwise pleas have a look at those threads:

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Ah yes, using ctrl-alt-F3 took me to tty3, from which I used sudo pacman -Syyu to complete the updates and now I’m back in MATE. Thank you so much @Th3Z0ne!


your welcome - glad it worked the easy way =D


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