Manjaro boot pb on macbook Air mid 2011 (dual boot with Mint- no more OSX)

Hello, i have a macbook air mid 2011. As the OSX is no more updated from Apple, i decide to install Mint in dual boot. I’ve install Refind. both booting were running well. Then I remove the OSX partition and install the latest ManjaroXfce with the USB live. The install was ok.
pb is to boot on manjaro. Refind is ok and shows the manjaro kernel (boot boot-vmlinuz-5.9-x86_64 from 48GB ext4 volume) , if i select this, i have a screen with rEFInf - booting OS starting vmlinuz-5.9-x86_64
Using load options ‘ro root=UUID=(numbers) initrd=boot’/’‘initramfs-5.9-x86_64.img
I have the same issue with a similar entry for Mint.
the way i can boot on Mint is with a Refind entry that is boot EFI’/‘ubuntu’/'grubx64.efi from EFI.

I have read some post, but not be able to understand what i can do. So, where to start? i am fully new in Manjaro, and with only few old knowledge of Linux. The thing is I am afraid to broke the refind or boot process and not be able to access Mint anymore. So, What are the first steps ? what kind of info do you need from me to help me to solve this ? thks a lot